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My BIG problem switching from 9max to 6max

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I want to learn 6max, I want to be good at it. I'm sick of waiting and waiting to win something at 9max. When I started I studied Blackrain's book "crushing the micros" and it helped me alot but that's for 9max. This is the second time I tried to play 6max, and can't win (I'm talking about 5nl and 10nl, 20k hands). I just can't win. I know that 6max is more aggro (witch I like) and I know that 6max has more fishes, but I get more coolers, my redline is going more down. What is the big difference? What do I have to do? Can someone please show me some ideal TAG stats for 6max and a starting hand chart, recommend a good book or something?

Posted 11 months ago


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Its definitely a transition in ranges + styles of play and adaptability... might i suggest, just min stake 2nl and get use to a feel for the game without risking too much of your BR. Also get some confidence.

I had a really tough time transitioning to 6 max after mainly FR up to 50nl and becoming a winning player back in 2014... i was playing 10nl 6 max and couldn't understand why I can beat 50nl FR and lose at 10nl 6 max. It dawned on me how different the games play. restealing is much bigger, 4 bet bluffing is more common and floating etc. Stuff you have to get use to.

Since restarting my bankroll in 2016 I have won 57 BI at 2nl and 22 and 5nl. Its all about building up with the basics. I still generally play 10nl and 25nl at FR but I like to see how the comp runs at 10nl 6 max where I have had moderate success. Watching videos on this site really helped me realise the change in play. Threads13 has some great content who has coached me for a few months.

Posted 11 months ago


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