Poker Video: MTT by Orestto (Micro/Small Stakes)

MTT Theory: Solid Preflop Ranges - Part 1

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MTT Theory: Solid Preflop Ranges - Part 1 by Orestto

Orestto showcases the power of using multiple poker softwares and reasonable assumptions to create approximations for GTO preflop ranges. He analyzes the differences between 30bb and 50bb preflop play for various positions and suggests recommendations for real life MTT scenarios.

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This series breaks down important MTT theory and concepts. Look here for some in-depth analysis of all things MTT!


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Comments for MTT Theory: Solid Preflop Ranges - Part 1

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Hey Orestto,

Very nice & interesting vid.

What version of pio do you need to have to be able to run these sims?


Posted about 1 month ago


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