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100NL 6 max vid

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Hi DC,

Last 2 weeks, I have been trying to learn 6 max.
I mainly play 100/200NL FR on Stars, but lately, played some 100NL 6 max with some success ( I think this is a run good ), but I still feel I can improve a lot at 6 max.

I have been watching Apex Predator lately and trying to improve based on this series.

If any of you is interested in watching, comments would definitely be appreciated. I think I played well in this short 30-35 minutes vid, but there are a few debatable spots.

I just zipped the file because of the size...

Here is the description of my HUD :

- VPIP / PFR / ATS / 3 bet %
- fold to 3 bet % / 4 bet % / fold to 4 bet % / 4 bet range
- Agg / Cbet% / Fold to cbet / nb hands

Any comments would be appreciated

Here is the file

Posted almost 6 years ago

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