Poker Video: Omaha/Omaha 8 by danzasmack (High Stakes)

Ghost: Danzasmack (#25) - $5/10 O8

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Ghost: Danzasmack (#25) - $5/10 O8 by danzasmack

Danzasmack plays some $5/10 O8 against a few of his regular villians.

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Ghost the best of DeucesCracked in the shorthanded games they play in today.


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Comments for Ghost: Danzasmack (#25) - $5/10 O8

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Avatar for seek41

2 posts
Joined 10/2013

Time Link to 00:04:28

With the 5653 vs a player that doesn't seem to fold - you were just explaining how he had peeled the flop super light with top pair. I don't see how check raising this flop is going to show profit given that you have almost no fold equity especially given how low your flush draw is and the fact the board is paired. If you could explain you thoughts here it would be great.

Posted about 4 years ago


Avatar for seek41

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Joined 10/2013

Time Link to 00:08:47

After your opponent caps pre and you flop a wrap on a board that doesn't hit your opponents range well. If your gong to raise then I think you need to cap 100% in this spot. The extra fold equity you will get by capping is going to be well worth the extra small bet. Raise calling seems the worse option as basically turns you hand up as what it is and allows your opponent to get the river bet in and win even if he has similar. If your not going to cap when he raises then you should just flat at this point given that the raise has no fold equity.

Posted about 4 years ago


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Joined 03/2017

darkfield does not belong on your left either. Can't you change seats? 1 Seat is just so much better.

Posted about 1 month ago

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