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Hey guys,

My name is Kal and I am new to the community. So far it is a good experience for me. Loads of content in the field I am interested in.

I am following OMGClayDol videos about 180 men Turbo, they are out there since 2011. I believe that this will be the grounds of my 180 man education, but I am always into the idea of staying up to date as much as possible. I am sure you are aware that the format in stars now have a new structure since.

How that will affect the accuracy in the content inside those 180 man videos ?

I am full-time employed, so I am not gonna be able to put crazy amount of hours/games to grind.

Any advise about how to approach when I have limited time to play?

Any recommendations will be much appreciated.

EDIT : To my question above about the different structure of 180/Turbos on Stars
17:40 sec; hand 66

In this part of the video the coach explains the difference pre-ante and post-ante. Is it true to say that with the new blind format with ante on every level this particular hand can be played differently?

Posted 12 months ago

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