March 24, 2011

Updating Every Day

     As the title says I will be updating this blog EVERY DAY, or at least try very hard to do so. I won't drone on about how I am going to do better, and update more, i'll just get to the white meat of things. I have not played much poker lately, but when I have played it has gone pretty well, and I think I should start making some strategy posts here as well from time to time. Maybe include my most interesting hands of the day or something, we will see. I plan on putting in some enormous volume over the next few weeks, so I should have tons of poker stuff to share.

 I don't have much real life stuff to share. I got some beers in me for the first time in a long while yesterday and that was kinda fun. I am not much of a drinker, but will indulge in a beer or 2 now and then. I didn't go out, or attend a party or anything, it was just myself having a few brews. That probably makes me sound like an alcoholic, but trust me it never happens, and this was an isolated incident. That actually sounds kind of sad now that I read it lol. Drinking alone while on the internet could probably be taken as a warning sign.. OMG OMG WHERES DR. PHIL!. In more exciting news I am going to shave my beard :O. It's not as baller as i'd hoped it would be, and it actually takes more time to groom and maintain a fucking beard than it does to shave regularly. Thats all I got for now. I will try and dig up some HH for my next post, PEACE

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