April 26, 2011

Will she call back?

So its been another week that poker has left us. Its hidden in the bushes as we sit around and just wait for it to come out. We all don't know what will come out, we find people we respect and we ask them their opinion, only to give us something to hang on to, because he or she said so., This is the followers option, the leaders are the ones speculating, trying to find reasoning behind their theories, not realizing that there is a  scientific method to making a hypothesis, which involves testing out, you can't test something out thats never been before. So the leader makes hypothesis and looks for his followers, he gathers them in forums, on podcasts, blogs or YouTube. The more he gets the more he feels his theories to be legit. Legit but still no answers. Lets all just face the fact that poker like that old girlfriend we f@$!ing loved so much has run away and now all we can do is sit by the phone hopping the b*tch which makes life so unbearable but the one we can't seem to live without gives us a phone call telling us she missed us and explaining how she is coming back and when.. Lets all just agree that we don't know if when or in what cappacity this phone call will come to us.. Everything else is just bullshit. I guess there are some options. One option, the healthiest option is you go find another bitch (opportunity to make money) You may not like her as much, she may be too demanding, she may have bad breath, might wake u up in the middle of the night, but you know what she still gets you laid (paid). Option two is you continue waiting by the phone..till you feel like its enough. I can't tell you how long is enough.. only you know. Option three is you get the fck up look your self in the mirror and say she wasnt that fucking great to begin with then smash the damn phone to pieces.. She treated you like shit when you most needed her, wouldnt let u leave the house for days, Kept making you deppresed. She isn't worht the time and your ready to go now on your own path, a path of happines...

Will she come back I have no idea. As for me I am getting laid by a btch on the side, and waiting for the one to call back.


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