June 22, 2009

The Hangover

watched this movie last week whilst hungover (irony?) and it’s the ish. Alan is seriously one of the greatest characters of all time in any dumb movie like that, sososo funny.

and the credits are the perfect end in my opinion. Go and watch it!

also, I hit my threshold for another quick shot at 25NL and got it in nutflush vs trips on the river, but the board paired (ofc) on the river. I made some pretty tilted calls in other hands I was involved in, so I’ll give it another quick run tonight before rebuilding at 10NL again, haha fml. I’m currently praying for the rungood! Honestly, I know its basically no different but sometimes it just feels the none of my cbets work and I’m getting c/raised every two seconds, so tilting! Honestly, it also sucks that this jumps is 2.5 buyings rather than two because grinding it back just takes that much longer.

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