May 25, 2009

Weird weekend?

Since I haven’t been playing very long (2 months approx) and I haven’t really encountered too many common playing situations that people with more experience have dealt with. This weekend was a perfect example, where the two sessions I played in the morning I dumped off a few buy-ins, and then I spent the remainder of the day getting unstuck, both times successfully.

A little disappointing though, given that weekends are when I typically get a chance to put in reasonable hours, and generally this has seen my bankroll improve over the weekend rather than oscillate. A little bit frustrating, but hopefully onwards and upwards from here.

In other news, I’m starting to get more and more excited about playing, because I’m pretty close to moving up to 25NL. I’m really only one slight heater away from hitting 30BI for it, and the reasons why I’m looking forward to it are few-fold:
1) More money ldo.
2) I should generate enough rakeback per month for DC to be free, gogo. Also, more rakeback, more money, ldo.
3) Hitting iron man targets obviously gets 2.5x easier, which is a massive bonus for me because sometimes playing just to hit targets is very detrimental to my enjoyment and br.
4) I’ll probably look in to getting a coach. There is literally a gazillion things that I have zero idea about that I’m sure someone could teach me in like 10 seconds that would easily pay for itself in the course of like 2 days. Perfect example: playing draws. I’m so bad at playing draws its hilarious, almost to the point where I’m pretty positive that folding all draws would be +EV for me. Also, I know that I miss value in heaps of places, don’t get maximum value in a bunch of places, and make some ridiculous river calls where I’m never good that if I could get better at all these things, I’m pretty sure it would double my win rate.
5) I heard that playing 25NL is no different to 10NL and the fish are of similar ability.

So seriously, big upside in terms of moving up, so I’m pretty stoked. Also, I’m proud of myself for building the bankroll from $20 rather than just paying my way into higher stakes.

Ninjaedit: anyone know of either an Australian micro coach with reasonable rates or a coach who is happy to do sessions at like 6:30pm Sydney time?
Ninjaedit #2: I’m so good at roulette, Star City is my bitch. Maybe I could trade roulette training for poker coaching?

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