January 20, 2010

Proof Women are Evil

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December 28, 2009

To Climb Steep Hills Requires a Slow Pace at First

I put in no volume over the past month as I needed a break from poker and wanted to focus on my health. On the health front nothing has really changed my lung function is slightly improved somewhere in the 72% range and I have tenosynivitis in my right arm. All in all things are improving.

I cashed out 4 times my initial deposit on stars and have opened an account on Full Tilt with DC rakeback. It would be good if Full Tilt spread Triple Draw. I will be playing mainly Razz, Stud H/L and Stud on Full Tilt.

HU Super Turbos
[ ] Time Sink
[ ] Rake Trap
[ ] Frustration
[x] All of the above

I started to two table these and after about 225 $2.10 games I have lost about $36.50, not a big deal but in these games I think my edge is just far to small so for now I will give these games a miss.

Razz, Stud and Stud H/L
At the stakes I play (Micros) these games are very very soft and I find it good to take a break from triple draw. I think I am up about $20 on stars and $15 on FT in the last couple of days.

8 Game
I have started to play some 8 game S&G’s not for $$ just for a bit of fun. My worst games are Omaha and Omaha H/L. I am about to start reading The Pot Limit Omaha Book: Transitioning from NLHE to PLO so hopfully that helps. In the new year I will be ordering High-Low-Split Poker for Advanced Players by Ray Zee.

Triple Draw – Easy game :), just play my normal game.
Limit Hold’em – Loose and aggresive in position, steal as much as possible.
NLHE – Loose and aggressive in position, steal as much as possible.
Omaha – Play like a Nit.
Omaha H/L – Play like a Nit lock up one side of the pot with a draw to the other side.
Razz, Stud – Steal with good door cards, get a way from marginal hands early value town weak opponents.
Stud H/L – Scoop.

Triple Draw Action
I have not really played to much triple draw I have not even put in 1000 hands. I am in a bit of a rut my win rates has seemed to stagnate at around 6 BB/100 mark over a large smaple. So I am trying some new things and opening up my game a little. Most of the sessions I have played are one table so my $/Hr has dropped. Below is the last 700 hands I played. In these games I have been trialing an ULTRA loose aggresive / borderline maniacal style. It puts me in a lot of marginal situations but I think this is helping me think about the game on a higher level.

Poker is Fun
For me I am trying to learn as much as I can and have fun doing it. For the next few weeks I will be absorbing as much information as I can and really thinking and analysing my play. I will be playing two tables most of the time with maximum of four and for sit and goes and tournies I will be playing 6 tables with a maximum of 12.

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December 03, 2009

What the Hell do I do With Seven Cards?

I just picked up the book Play Razz Poker to Win. It is a very short book, but seems to cover quite a few topics. Should be able to get through it in a day. I am going to go through some of Joe Tall’s content, I am thinking of starting with:

From Donk to Stud

Nightmare on 7th

Poker Pro Tools Video

I am not planning on playing Razz or Stud to often but I have some time to kill and some of the games seem really soft. It would be good to have a better understanding of these games.

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December 02, 2009

Making The Nouveau Riche

This is from a blueline medic song I like and pretty much epitomizes my thoughts on life at the moment:

you say I have to get a real life
but I’m not sure how that in making
someone or other rich
is any more real than making
a niche for yourself

well i’m without a zack, a truth
a coin, a kopeck
or an elusive brass razoo
but my dear rationalist
don’t dream i couldn’t care
i too grow quickly bored
of the clothes i wear so maybe

i should go an get a real life
real like cutting a fine figure
or scraping a deposit together
for if, heaven forbid
just suppose i cannot live
on taxes and goodwill forever
but how is it
that the problem just doesn’t seem to press
while my fingers are themselves
pressing hard against the neck

i was sure that i’d suffered
and worked as hard
as anyone I knew
well it seems i haven’t
i better damn well fix it and
make it look every inch as though i do
but still

i’ll have to go and get a real life
no doubt that it will happen
maybe i’ve put it off for too long now
gonna see if i can’t get something better than a…
maybe i’m amidst of a real life…

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December 01, 2009

Why Play Triple Draw?

I think people highly underrate triple draw as a variation of poker. I have seen people try and argue that triple draw is not even poker. I can’t offer a concise analytical or mathematical reason why one should play TD over other games. I will instead offer my own value judgments.

What have I learnt Playing Triple Draw?
*Position *
I hate to admit it but before I started playing TD I understood the concept of position but really didn’t weight it that highly in the scheme of things. After only a few sessions of TD I realised how important position is in any game. In tougher games $2-4 and above if you are Out of Position it is like bending over to pick up the soap in a prison shower block.

Simple example
After the second draw
You hold: 2347T out of position
And your opponent holds
Who has the advantage???

Now whenever I am out of position I remind myself I am Out Of Power (OOP) and adjust my calling range.

In TD you quickly find if you play passively you will more often then not lose. Before I started playing TD I was a very passive player and had no idea about value betting and played very straightforward fit or fold poker. Playing TD quickly teaches you the importance of not giving your opponent’s free cards, playing strong draws aggressively and the importance of value betting marginal hands.

In the world of TD you will often play the same opponents on a regular basis. If you don’t mix up your game you will be exploited. After a while playing TD I have learnt that every hand I play I am telling my opponent a story. When I three bet pre draw I tell my opponent I have a strong hand. If I call a raise and discard one, I am telling my opponent I have a weak one card draw, if my draw was stronger I would have three bet. Sometimes you have to tell your opponent you are:

  • Weak when you are strong.
  • Strong when you are weak.
  • Weak when you are weak.
  • Strong when you are strong.

Also against opponents you face regularly you have to have a bluffing frequency greater then zero.

Hand Reading
In TD at the low stakes your opponents will tell you what their hand is. What you don’t believe me? They do, lucky for us they don’t realize they are doing this. As a very wise (old) poker player once said:

“Bus pass to value town.”

Note Taking
In TD if you are not taking notes then you are giving up a huge amount of value. Before I started playing TD my notes consisted of: Weak, passive, donkey, aggro spew monkey and so on. I have color-coded my notes, date my notes, and make notes in session and out of session. Example:
Aggressive, usually draws well, can’t fold. 09/10/09
Prone to tilt, annoy him and get ready for the spew fest.
VB:876, 98,
Bluff bet: K, str8
OSN: Dropped a lot at $2-4, 5k MTT, moved back down, German time zone utc1,
Avg session: time 44 min, -8.4 BB/100

I choose to focus on TD as it allows for the development of skills I have listed above and these skills transfer well to other poker games. By playing TD I can focus on playing a small number of tables and make double the BB/100 that I could in hold’em. To make the same amount of money I would have to play at least 8-10 tables play a robotic 18/24 type game. TD also challenges me more mentally and at the end of the day the main reason I play poker is to have fun. I really don’t think that the path to learning poker is set in stone. Sure No Limit Hold’em is the most popular game at the moment but learning alternative games will make for a better-rounded poker player. This turned out to be a longer post then I wanted & I don’t think it answers the question as well as I would have liked. If you have not played TD yourself watch DeathDonkey and DJ’s Triple the Gold video series and get into the action.

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November 29, 2009

Game Theory for Poker Players - Can it Improve Your Game?

If you have had no formal training in game theory and learn best by watching videos. I recommend you take the time to go through and watch the FREE videos on basic game theory form Yale university.

Topics Covered

1. Introduction: five first lessons
2. Putting yourselves into other people’s shoes
3. Iterative deletion and the median-voter theorem
4. Best responses in soccer and business partnerships
5. Nash equilibrium: bad fashion and bank runs
6. Nash equilibrium: dating and Cournot
7. Nash equilibrium: shopping, standing and voting on a line
8. Nash equilibrium: location, segregation and randomization
9. Mixed strategies in theory and tennis
10. Mixed strategies in baseball, dating and paying your taxes
11. Evolutionary stability: cooperation, mutation, and equilibrium
12. Evolutionary stability: social convention, aggression, and cycles
13. Sequential games: moral hazard, incentives, and hungry lions
14. Backward induction: commitment, spies, and first-mover advantages
15. Backward induction: chess, strategies, and credible threats
16. Backward induction: reputation and duels
17. Backward induction: ultimatums and bargaining
18. Imperfect information: information sets and sub-game perfection
19. Subgame perfect equilibrium: matchmaking and strategic investments
20. Subgame perfect equilibrium: wars of attrition
21. Repeated games: cooperation vs. the end game
22. Repeated games: cheating, punishment, and outsourcing
23. Asymmetric information: silence, signaling and suffering education
24. Asymmetric information: auctions and the winner’s curse

The videos are lengthy but are very practical in nature and I am sure they will help you think on a higher level.
Check out the Yale Game theory videos

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November 27, 2009

Attack of the Clones

I was nearly caught out by this one, for a split second I thought he was busto. It was only last month I saw the real steam take at least $25,000 from holdemNL at $1000/$2000 TD.

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November 23, 2009

Life Happens When you Make Other Plans

I had planned to grind it out the low stakes for the rest of the year, however my body has other plans. I got the results back from the respiratory physician and my lung function is yet to improve and there is some shadowing and scarring of my right middle lobe. So back on the medical merry go round. My focus is solely on my health for now and hopefully within a month or so I will be back at the tables. At least I will have plenty of DC videos to watch while I recover. Thank you all for your help full comments and advice.

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November 21, 2009

End of The Week ... The Heat Wave is Over

By heat wave I am not referring to how I am running rather the HOT spring weather we have had over here in Australia link. On one of the days it reached 43 degrees Celsius or 109.4 F for the non metric system readers. On Friday I only put in a short 2 hour session as I had a few doctors appointments and didn’t really have the right mindset to be playing. A summary of the sessions I played is shown below:

Nothing really stands out from this session apart from one player getting worked up and abusing me for my bad play. Something along the lines of:

“You **** retard how can you re-raise me with a 9”

I had position on him and had 23479 with the intention of breaking if there was much resistance. Anyway he broke and missed. So after this he just talked smack for the rest of the session, so I offered to play him HU and he accepted. He played tight so it was very easy to exploit him unfortunately he didn’t rebuy. I think I have made a new friend :).

The Week That Was

I didn’t put in to much play this past week but I think by starting this blog it will help me going forward. In my previous post I mention some key areas I need to work on, so this will be my focus for next week. I will also be working on my bankroll management plan and will post it to the forum to and see if I can get some feedback on it. Thank you every one who has posted comments it is really good to get feedback and advice from players with more experience. I will post my summary stats for the week below nothing impressive but as the saying goes:

To climb steep hills requires a slow pace at first

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November 19, 2009

You See Some Strange Things at The Micro-Stakes

I guess he wont need to reload even if he sits at the table for 20 years.

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