February 02, 2010

Brb, cash games + January summary

I’ve been thinking, I need to mix up my games a little bit because grinding cash games on iPoker is really, really tiring and boring. I don’t like the software much, especially not after playing on Poker Stars and FullTilt lately. I got a huge bonus from Betfred this month ($1600), which is like a lot of money. I’m pretty stoked about going on the grind now, because I only have like 25k hands left on my staking deal and I’m standing to make approximately $10k or more from it. I made $5800 in January, which is pretty sweet.

So, the 2X promotion is over on FullTilt and I’m now going to return to my bread and butter NLHE cash games. I ended up making about $1,5k last week, playing about 60 MTTs with an ABI of $27. My biggest score was $2,8k, and I think I blogged about it previously.

From now on, I’m definitely trying to establish myself at 2/4 now and now I’m going to learn how to play 100bb poker. You guys who are reading might not realize this, but I have no clue how the fuck to play 6max with 100 bbs. I’m pretty comfortable playing full ring with 100bbs, and HU as well. But 6max?? No fucking clue. Pretty funny, as that’s how I make most of my monetas.

I’m going to write about some kind of a poker schedule I have in mind for my next blog post. I just have to figure out the specifics, but I basically have a plan about how I’m going to avoid burning out and stuff like that.

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