October 05, 2009

Weekend, please end

My graph for this weekend matches the exact emotions of the Michigan game. At first it completely sucks, than a quick surge of hope, followed my straight depression.

So to sum up the weekend….

[x] Michigan lost a heartbreaker
[x] I run terrible in all-in pots and run into the top end of every single person’s range in the pots I run “normal” in. A 48/24 player was making fun of me at some point
[x] Tigers suck and will likely not make playoffs
[x] Lions continue the downward spiral
[x] I got a marginal haircut (ok, I’m really reaching here)
[x] I messed up my hamstring using warm up weights

Moving “down” to 100 NL. To be completely honest levels of play should be fluid anyway. I’m sure I’m at least a marginal winner at 200 NL, I haven’t reviewed my play in depth yet but I think I may stacking off too light. I just can’t take another cooler for $400+ mentally. I realize this is might be just standard variance but I’m playing at a level I have no experience at so I really have no idea. Down, but never out.

Also played one live session this week. I made one lady leave the table because I raised 80% from CO and button, lol live poker :). +$244 and like 6 beers, ship, ship.

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