July 30, 2009

Him could squeeze blood from a penny in the recession....

….Keep Guessin’ it gets deeper than depression
The power of suggestion, wake or sleep or peep the lesson

Little bit of a downswing this month and I definitely could have played much better. I’m really happy at how I responded to it. In the past a 12 buy-in downer would and did make me want to quit poker forever. The eight fold path videos definitely have helped.

Looking at last months goals I nearly had 50k hands but fell just short. I could still get there but it would take one all-nighter. Given that I already feel I play bad enough during the week with 6 hours sleep, then gym, then work. Not the best endurance for a session after that. I went through around 15 DC videos and actually laid out a little lesson plan for me this month. I finished SSNLHE and have been doing much better with the session reviews. The PSMF was an lol failure but I’ve definetely dropped weight as pull-ups and any body weight exercises have gone way up. No weigh ins til end of month though.

Blue line (rakeback) is getting a little wide compared to that green. Feels good to cash out a little again. So it means that of course I had to buy something ridiculous with it. There was a festival downtown with this painting I saw when I wandered away from my group. Guy was asking $300, I said I’d give him $250 and he snap called (I def got owned there) Doesn’t matter, I love it and smile at it daily. I’ve never actually owned or bought any piece of art I guess. Picture can’t really capture it and the flash washed it out but….

Next month….

Will hit 50k hands, will dabble into 100 NL on weekends, will review everything!

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