February 22, 2012

Had a ridiculously fun live session...

My fiance and I had our families (I have divorced parents) meet up for the first time in St. Louis over the weekend.  Obviously a lot of stress is involved, but that's to be expected.  There was a period of time where we had a little bit of time to ourselves, and the fiance needed a nap.  Needless to say, that means, I got some poker time at the Lumiere casino, about 10 blocks away.  All told, I got about 90 minutes to play.

During that time, I bought in to the 1/3 game for 180, and won 150.  Solid.

I was dealt AA three times.  I hit a set. 

The first AA hand unfortunately was against more of a nit than I thought, and he basically folded after I cbet the turn.

Then I hit a set and was  up over $200.

Then I got dealt QQ on the button.  3 limps, so I raise to 21, get a call, and the guy shows down AA, costing me over $100.

Next hand, I get AA.  I decided to do it like I was tilted.  One limper, I raise to 20, and get folds.  Blech.

Later, I got AA again, and got it to showdown despite a flushdraw on board which made me want to keep the pot down.

All told, I was happy with my play, and it remains important for me to continue getting as much live experience as possible.

Regardless, getting aces three times in 90 minutes is about as ridiculous as it gets. 

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