March 14, 2011

Quick thought on my goals and where I'm at...

Had a spectacular day for me on Friday.  Won a 18 person S&G, and played out of my gourd in cash games.  Oddly, what got me playing well was taking a pretty crappy beat against an 88/12 fish on a 4 bet board (which I think might have been the first time I four bet without KK/AA/AK, which is a good sign)

Flop came QQ10, two clubs.  I had AQ, checked and allowed him to bet, as he always did, shoved, and he had called my 4 bet with 39 of clubs.  Turn...bink! club. 

But after that, I was on hyperaggressive mode, and had a great red line for the day, which has been my #1 goal of the last few weeks.

Bankroll now at 245. 

So, my ultimate goal is to get to a point where I'm playing, and earning, at 25NL, and playing the 1/4 million at least once a month.  I figure at that point, if I'm earning, which I hope to do, I'll be bringing in a grand a year.  Which to me, would be spectacular supplemental income.  That's how I"m trying to think about it.  Anything outside of that would be golden.


That's all for today.

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