September 25, 2009

P90X Has Ruined My Life!

What’s up Degens?

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Ok, well I’m on day three of P90X, and I want to die, hahaha. About six weeks ago, I was actually in really good shape. I had been really disciplined about making it to the gym five times a week, and usually put in about an hour each time of either swimming or weight lifting really hard. But after a month of traveling, smoking cigs while shoving alcoholic drinks strong enough to power a car into your body, while also sitting at a poker table/in front of a computer degening, your body starts to fall apart pretty easily. So I’m sure this has all contributed to the magnitude of my soreness more than the actual difficulty of the program, although I will say it’s harder than I expected. I want it to be hard though, because I’d become really sick of my workouts at 24 hour, and a change was certainly needed. I’ve always been in pretty good shape (probably really good compared to the average), but my motivation has been steadily declining since I quit playing competitive sports. I’d like to start playing more racket sports competitively, because I used to love playing Badminton and Tennis in high school, but never really got serious about it. It’d be an awesome way to pass the time for sure.

I haven’t played a ton of poker, but have been doing a ton of coaching the last few days. I’m still catching up on sessions with people who I’ve been putting off for a few weeks since I was traveling so much, so the last few days have been spent coaching three or four hours a day. I really enjoy watching people get better, and I feel like I’m a much better coach than I am a player. It seems like I always bring my A game to coach (probably because someone else is counting on me to do my job, and when I’m playing it’s only me who suffers, which I’m usually ok with), but I’d like to see more of my A game when I’m playing.

I also heard from a student today that I hadn’t spoken to in a long time. He was one of my first students, and is one of the most talented poker players I know. He was really successful at high stakes NLHE, but wanted to learn PLO because he had grown bored of NLHE, and thought the games were drying up as well. He killed it at first, but then moved up in stakes and experienced the nasty side of variance and took a pretty bad bankroll hit. He had to grind it all back playing lower stakes NLHE than he’s used to, but now he wants to start playing PLO again, which is dope! I always like to hear stories about people bouncing back, especially in poker because it’s so easy to give up and doubt yourself, so earning your money back takes a ton of strength.

Other than that, I’ve been working on writing a book/guide for awhile now about moving up in stakes for PLO that I think will really benefit my students and anyone playing PLO, and it’s starting to come together really nicely. Since I self taught myself how to play this silly game, I think I can offer some great insight on how I’d do it the second time around. There’s some great information out there, you just need to customize the most effective way for you to learn it, and to absorb/incorporate it with your learning style so you waste as little time (and money) as possible. I think there’s a lot of people out there who are interested in learning PLO, but want to streamline the process of mastering it, but don’t really know how. So send me a PM or write here if you want more info about all of this.

Oh yes, and also I need a roommate in Vegas beginning in Nov/Dec’ish, so if anyone has some ideas then let me know!

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