February 02, 2010

Im gonna be a Bum!

(Bums in bottom of life section)

January didn’t really kick off in terms of poker until the 10th or so as a result of visitors/events/uni etcetc.
My initial goal when thinking to myself on the car ride back from NYs was tht I would generate 5k in rake for January. That was a fail, I came to about 2.8k.

I swear HEM is cursed on me, my database got corupt on the 25th or something, so no graph, but it basically goes up, up, up, down, down, down, across, across, across. I ended up the month around even give or take a buyin.

I feel as though I am definiatley improving though, my red line doesnt head on a downward spiral now, its flat at worse.

February, I want to generate 5k, and if I play well, start to take shots at 200nl. But I want to rach 75k hands on this database with a solid winrate at 100nl before I do that.

Last Friday, was the 21st, with the theme ‘At the races’. You do not get me wearing a tie often, but it wasn’t too bad; kinda cool to be honest.
The Saturday, I slept in so didn’t goto the races. But 3:30pm signalled the beginning of the Smirnoff challenge (as in last blog). What a great success. We were all trolleyed by 5pm, the cops told us to move on so we did. We went to the Basin Reserve and climbed the scaffolding where the video cameras are for the cricket and chilled out there. It was awesome, yarning away, and no fun police came an disturbed us. We then went to drinks at our friends place before town which turned up with a few of us trying to get a new 18year old very drunk. Good night had by all though.

This Friday I am going to the 7s for the day, we are dressing up as Bums, will take photos for sure. Will be an awesomely expensive day no doubt. Then Saturday is the last day at the flat, I will attend to that in the early avo, before going to a 21st and a big piss up for the bigger of the two 7s nights.

Hope all is well and everyone runs good!


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Emergence posted on February 14, 2010 at 15:20 PM


Don't worry about your redline.


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