September 29, 2010

September That Was

Since my last blog 'Evaluating a Downswing' I have played less than 10 hours Online. Friends computer broke so have been waiting until Dell deliver my parts to fix mine. They only arrived today....7 weeks later, well done Dell, well done.

Since then I have been working on my game a lot, especially looking at getting the mental side of my game sussed, which will be aided by my new health buzz and fitness buzz thats going to begin in October. Upbuzz!

Went up to play a few side events at APPT Auckland between 21sts. 3 events, no cashes :(.

- 1st event, busto top third of field after KQ shoved into AA to cripple me preflop. QQX flop. At least he went onto win the event. -2nd event, busto 1st hand LOL, flopped set vs. TPTK + FD on flop. 3rd event, busto approaching bubble on 3d6c8c flop, my TcTs couldn't beat 4c3c.

The next few months I am going to be working really hard, having some trips away and other events, but when home I am going to get into a sweet schedule.

Run good, Jub

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