October 18, 2009

October continues - more PLO

Finally had proper internet installed in my new house, which is pretty awesome, so time to get back to regularly putting in hands and writing!

Been playing 6m PLO still this month – I had a break for about a week, so far I’m only 5k hands in due to not being able to play so much but winning at a nice clip – about 12ptbb/100. I’m fully aware though that this is a nothing sample and PLO variance could still quite easily take a gigantic dump right on my chest, though I’m hoping that doesn’t happen. I still think my PLO handreading is a bit shoddy, my W$SD and WWSF are both abnormally low – like sub 50 – but I’m still winning. I might be winning a moderate-decent amount of big pots (I’ve won quite a lot of deep pots) and then losing a lot of really small pots – but I’m sure I could bump both up. I do feel like I’m getting more comfortable with making big folds and sneaking in valuebets.

In terms of strategy things I’m learning, it’s starting to feel like there are a lot of reverse equity spots in PLO – spots where I have enough equity to satiate calling a bet but am going to have to fold if they bet again on just about any turn, and won’t necessarily know where I am and am either going to fold incorrectly or pay off incorrectly. I suppose a sort of example would be peeling a wet flop, where a lot of turn cards can come bad for me, with a marginal made hand and no redraw, or like a non nut draw multiway. So I guess I’d watch out for those type of spots in 6m PLO. I’ll try and dig up a specific HH when I get a chance! I’m still running equities a lot on pro poker tools and building standard lines since I’m not super far into figuring out the game yet.

In terms of life stuff, went and saw Zombieland – really enjoyed it – Bill Murray owns the screen – and seeing Woody from Cheers lighting up zombie ass riding a rollercoaster is exceptional. Also it has made me realise my new goal in life to hunt down Emma Stone, take her to my cellar, tie her to a chair, and torture her till she loves me. So I’d recommend that.

Other than that I have survived the 1st week of the BCL which is basically the hardest law masters in the western world – it’s hard stuff but it’s interesting and I signed up for it so I guess I can’t complain.

Also I have now got 4/5 housemates and my girlfriend all into The Wire. This is a good development since it means I can watch like multiple episodes a day, which is win.

Anyways hopefully now I can write more often! I have also just seen a leaked trailer for the expendables and it looks like the manliest film imaginable and it’s not even close!

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