September 27, 2009

Mission accomplished, moving up, PLO, couple days off

Thought I’d best write since while I’m moving over the next couple of days I might not have internet access!

I accomplished my 50nl goal, of 20k hands at a respectable WR. Overall I put in 20.1k at Nl50 at just over 5ptbb/100, which I’m pretty happy with. Overall my combined stats were 30/25/2.8, 3b 12%, which looks very laggy, but it actually includes ~3k hands of HU, so at 6m my stats were 26/22, 3b 12%, agg 3.11. My WR was actually higher at 6m alone (~7 or 8ptbb/100) but a late in the day downswing at HU dragged it down a bit. I will at some point go back and play some HU until that’s at a satisfactory WR.

Anyways here’s a graph, it’s not super pretty but it’s going the right way and it’s a decent WR:

Things I learned from the mini challenge:

1) Not losing every flip ever feels wonderful
2) You can play laggier than you think, like people don’t adjust that much to 3b so vs the guys who fold too much you can just rape their faces right off, and people don’t squeeze so much or in the right spots so you can call IP with a lot of hands versus wide openers without worrying so much about being squeezed out of the pot
3) You can vb really thin because a lot of players at micros don’t seem to bluffraise, and even if a bet size is kind of blatantly a thin value bet they’ll still talk themselves into a call
4) There are spots where people’s lines are completely skewed, like there are lines/spots the majority of players at these stakes seem to take as a bluff about never, so sometimes you have to make hero folds, but actually it’s ok because their range is like a polarized range of supernuts and air, but without the air. Obviously anything I said about what spots these are will be too general to be helpful, but I guess the point is that you can be ok sometimes folding big hands, when you know that nevertheless it’s a bluffcatcher and their line is totally skewed towards value, and you can be ok with those folds and not worry about being exploited really because that just won’t happen. It’ll save a bunch of BBs and stress/tilt at paying off when you kind of knew that passive idiot had the nuts all along.
5) However much you pay off you probably pay off too much – it felt like people were incapable of vb’ing thin and never bluff as much as you think. I really struggled to keep my W$SD around 50.
6) You can really abuse people having capped ranges, especially regs, like people don’t tend to sort of protect flatting ranges etc, and are ok telegraphing that they have like a marginal 1p hand or w/e, that can never call a shove etc. That said this is pretty true vs regs, fish seem to call with hands they really shouldn’t. Like a lot of the time, I was right about what type of hands made up the majority of someone’s range, but a bit less successful in knowing how they’d react with them to a bet. ‘Of course he can fold 44 on this horrendous board….no…no he snapped. Either he’s a genius or he has an IQ of 47 and cannot open a door without assistance’. Or maybe my handreading just sucks.
7) Micro stakes players seem to be the worst for tapping the glass! People should be nice to the fish, especially when they suck out, that’s what keeps the games going in the long run – fish thinking they can win.

Anyways, on another note, I think I’m going to start learning PLO. The games look good, my old NLHE coach recommended learning it for more game selection while people still suck at it, a good poker friend I talk with a lot seems to be having a lot of success at HU PLO (though bearing in mind how variency that game is I expect him to hit the long run in about 2057), and KasinoKrime pointed me in the direction of some great learning materials. Also I’ve been playing NLHE all summer and am kinda burnt out on it, so a change might be good for me! I for the couple days while I’m setting up net access at the new house I’ll watch some PLO videos and get the hang of the game properly, and then try putting in some hands this week. Hopefully it’ll go well!If anyone has any suggestions/tips for learning PLO please let me know! I’m thinking absorbing all of DC’s plo vids, talking with some friends who play, and doing lots and lots of equity calcs on like the pro poker tools website etc, and posting on hands.

Since I always post something ridiculous here’s my contribution for today, it’s from Mitchell and Webb look, a really hilarious sketch series by the actors from Peep Show (which if you haven’t watched you ought to..)

Party Planners and Scooby Doo

Also I recommend the other Party Planners clip, ‘friends of Moneypenny’ that can be found in the same place, in fact, here I’ll just link to it… Party Planners Friends of Moneypenny

Will post again when I’m done moving!

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