January 01, 2010

New Years Day

Just played my 1st session of the year and got crushed. I cant continue to lose in Poker man.
I am lazy as shet that’s y I loose. I want a fuckin shortcut I guess. I buy the books but dont dedicate myself to them. Download the videos but dont watch all of them. I gotta be honest w/ myself man. I mean I do some work but not enough to make myself profitable.
I bought my last book for a while yesterday. It is one lots of people have. TOP or theory of Poker. I am going Destroy and Rebuild. 2NL is my home, I have to prove I am better than a 2nl player b4 I can move up. As of right now in Poker I have not proved a damn thing. Im beating up on myself because it’s the truth. 2010 for me is about taking the long winding road not the shortcuts. That being said let’s get to work…..

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