September 20, 2009


Since my last post I’ve been playing well and running decent. I really evaluated my game the night of the bad run and realized my mistakes. I made some corrections and made back my downswing in the following 2 days. My big leak was not bet/folding enough.

Finally completely free from my job. Cherishing the good things in life, like having free time, eating grapefruits and hot dogs, and playing a lot of poker.

Today I played 676 hands against a huge NIT. He bluffed probably only 1% of the time, and only as a semibluff on the flop when he checkraised or as a bet on the turn when checked to as a semibluff with a draw. The match swung both ways but near the last 200 hands I figured out he was peeling drawy flops light and folding if the turn bricked off, so I was barreling 100% in those situations and stealing the pots IP. He also never peeled dry/scary boards OOP without some kind of awesome hand/draw. One thing I got better at today was moving the cards I’d 2 barrel IP around exploitatively based on oppoonent tendencies. I’m also getting good at figuring out the types of hands they 3bet.

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