October 24, 2011

Trying to turn the corner

It seems like I only feel the need to blog when things are going badly.

The last few months have been pretty rough.  Not long after moving up and making 50NL my main game I decided to sit a few exams for work.  Studying for these took up most of the free time that I would usually dedicate to poker which meant there was about a 2 month period where I spent next to no time on improving my game.  Anytime I did have any time I would just open up some tables and play.  Badly.

Unsurprisingly I lost money during those sessions.  I hung on at 50NL as for as long as my bankroll would allow but after going on holiday for two weeks followed by having to cash out some of my bankroll I decided to move back down to 25NL and regroup.   Things started off ok but because I’d already beaten these games before I made the mistake of thinking I just had to turn up to win.  Not so.  I also thought I could afford to add a couple of extra tables which has just compounded the issues.  Things started off ok but the last couple of weeks have been pretty bad.  I know I’ve ran pretty badly over that period and I’ve been coolered a ton, but I’ve also played pretty terribly at times. 

I think a lot of the problems with my game at the moment stem from some coaching sessions I had not long after moving up to 50NL.  I really enjoyed the sessions and have absolutely nothing negative to say about the coach in question.  I’d highly recommend him, in fact.  I just think I misapplied a lot of the concepts I learned and turned into a bit of a spewtard.  After moving to 50NL I got a bit paranoid about the amount of ‘regs’ I was facing and that they might be exploiting me.  There clearly were some obvious leaks in my game but I definitely think I went overboard trying to correct them.  On the few occasions where I did have time to watch videos during this time I made a point of watching those played at higher stakes than where I was playing.  I think my rationale was that the games these days are more aggressive so watching videos of higher, more aggressive games would be ok.  Either it flat out just wasn’t, or I misapplied a lot of the concepts again.   

I don’t think things are so bad that I need to go completely back to basics and rebuild my whole game from the bottom up.  I think tightening up and toning down the aggression will be hugely beneficial to begin with. On top of that, I do think there is plenty of room for me to work on the fundamentals that I’ve pretty much neglected for the past few months.  Hopefully that, combined with watching some more relevant videos will get me moving in the right direction again.

In other news, I finally got around to seeing Drive at the cinema last night.  I think I’d already decided I was going to like it but I really did think it was excellent. 

Also, I think I’m going to have to change my avatar.  DeMarco Murray ran for like a million yards yesterday which could spell the end for Tashard.

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