May 10, 2009

Decided to have a tourney day

Came 11th in the Nightly Hundred Grand. Had AJ on the CO and open for 2.3bb and got shoved on. I had approx 23bb to start the hand with and was pretty sure it was a standard call since villains range should be pretty wide. OBV he had AQ and flop came KKx. Brick. Brick and im out. :(

Spent about $800 on various tourneys and cash for $1200. Im still in the $30 15k guaranteed so hopefully I’ll be able to FT it.

Other than that, been running alright for the cash games, so far I am up almost $4k over 30k hands in 200FR.

After spending a bit of time finding a coach, I’ve finally settled on WCG|Rider. Will probably spend 4 sessions with him before reevaluating. OBV Nolan is my first choice but I don’t think he will be available anytime soon.

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