May 07, 2009

First post/introduction

Definition of an IGRINDER : Mindless robot like poker player who player >20 tables, clicking buttons for a living.

Let me give a brief introduction of myself. My name is Jay, aka on Pokerstars. My poker started out at a small pub in Wellington (where i use to study). The element of bluffing got me addicted to the game. Being a poor student I had to grind my way through varsity. I would work as a kitchen hand and at the same time play pub tourneys to win bar tabs. Few months later, I decided to play a series of freeroll tournaments on Pokerstars which I qualified. That was the Pokerstars World Cup of Poker. I was really excited to be able to represent New Zealand and being as naive as I was, I quit my job as a kitchen hand and decided to grind online SNGs to pay rent. OBV i busted my first deposit and soon came to realise that I needed to study the game more.

Another $100 deposit became $500 from grinding low level SNGS. This soon became $2000 from 50FR and then 100FR to $4000. The rest is history. I have just recently move up to 200FR and hope to be able to move up to the midstakes by July.

I will be trying blog my progress as I move up/down stakes. Cheers for reading and good luck at the tables

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Newff posted on May 07, 2009 at 02:16 AM


Nice entry, GL!


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