May 20, 2009

Update for the month

Up $8k+ so far this month and honestly I am quite happy with the progress that I am making. Haj school have been a great help in really extracting the maximum value from watching poker videos. It is imo, the best series so far for the students of the game out there.

I am also considering going for Supernova Elite for 09. I currently have 180000 vpps and should have 200000 vpps by the end of the month. This means that I’ll have to make 800000 vpps in 7 months starting from July. Its not going to be easy and many have advise against this but I feel that I have what it takes to grind for long hours. I have not made up my mind yet but it is probably the best time to go for it since I am taking the 2nd half of the year off uni.

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rvtsteve posted on May 20, 2009 at 18:36 PM


nice job this month. Haj school is the illest! It's helped me a ton already.

Def keep us updated on your SNE aspirations. If you have more time and feel up to the challenge I say go for it just don't hurt yourself...too much ;) I was just reading the thread in Omaha High forum about some of those guys going for it. pretty sick imo

I'm hoping to go for platinum next month...weee


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