September 02, 2010

Victory poker goes Cake

Hey guys,

So Victory poker has changed network.

The former everleaf skin is now part of the Cake poker network.

I tought this would be good for Victory :

- More traffic

- Less rake ( Also less rakeback, thats a - )

- Better use of poker points

- More tourney and SNG

So i started playing on the new  software today

And to be honoust, i'm pretty disapointed, the software looks like crap...

There are some bugs in it like the filter doenst work, 4color deck arent working and some other things.

But then the worst thing, i had about 550€ in my victory poker account, and now i got $550 in the new account, this isnt acceptable, 550€ is like $680 roughly estimated.

So i send them a mail and got this respond :

Hello Mattthias,

Thank you for your email. We are currently looking into this and will respond shortly, please be assured any funds missing will be replaced.

Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.

Kind Regards,


VictoryPoker Support

So i hope this problem will be fixed soon.

I was blogging a challenge, 10 -> 20NL in 50K hands, but since the currencys has changed i think i'm gonna end this challenge and start a new one.
The moment my missing currency is deposited i think i'm gonna cashout and go with another EU poker client.

I'll keep you guys informed about the missing $


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