December 09, 2010

"Writers Block"

I can tell I've gone too long without posting when my dad emails me wondering why.  So, here's a quick update on the assorted goings-on of yours truly:

I finished up the 40k hands challenge, but the last 13k hands were a pretty nasty downswing and I finished it down $, so I wasn't in much of a mood to write about it. There were basically two weeks where I couldn't win anything (not even board games with friends or ultimate frisbee games!). Since basically my entire life revolves around playing games and trying to win, consistently failing to do so is a pretty tough thing to endure. So, I took some time off from playing and just relaxed, and since then I've gotten back into the grind somewhat and basically haven't had a losing day  in a good while. I just hope I can keep up motivation to put in long sessions. Anyone want to make a volume prop for January, or even several months to start the year?

My episode of the Blueprint is coming out this Saturday. (Spoiler!) I haven't finished up recording on it yet, but I feel a larger-than-normal amount of pressure to really do it well. The other episodes so far have really been awesome, and I've never made a video like it before (though I'm sure I've said everything that it'll contain many times before on various videos and forum posts) so I feel like this is kind of a big deal. So thats something for yall to look forward to. I also have a special video that Vincent and I recorded earlier this week that I think will be quite exciting, check it out on Sunday!

Other life elements: 
Duke Basketball is crushing to the specifications I desire. I'm really pleased with the way Kyrie Irving has been playing, especially in the big games, and tonight, the first game he was out due to an injured toe, Andre Dawkins steps in and drains 8 3balls in his first career start. Baller. Unfortunately I don't expect to face much resistance in ACC play after New Years, but  we definitely are going to contend for another championship in March and I can't wait.
I'm still out of shape, but am at least playing one ultimate game a week. Lately our team keeps getting into epic battles and winning in what effectively is "overtime", so we're definitely getting our money's worth. The next actual tournament I'll play is Lei-Out (a beach tournament in Santa Monica) in January. Should be a blast. 
My fantasy football teams have been playing like garbage lately. In my Duke friends league I've plummeted from 9-0 to 9-4 and dropped out of first place, but at least my playoff spot is secure. In the DC league I'm out of contention, dropping to 6-7 and now playing for draft picks.
The Jaguars are actually playing well and are leading the division thanks to the Colts finally failing. I hope we can finish strong and make it into the playoffs so I can use my One Time on them going to the super bowl. (Obv if they make it there I'll go watch, even if its in Texas)
Winter sucks, as it always has, and now I'm stuck in a late sleep schedule because I can't get to bed early and I can't get out of bed early either. Our cats have developed a deadly attack involving curling up close on both sides of me or between my legs, and its impossible to get out of a warm bed with such cuddling going on, so I haven't seen a whole lot of sunlight lately. So it goes.
I'm addicted to Call of Duty: Black Ops. If you play on xbox360, you should holler at me so at least I'm not playing alone. Gamertag = Salmon Slinger.

Happy Holidays to everyone, and may all your outs be live!

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Enso posted on December 09, 2010 at 11:26 AM


ooo vid with Vincent, awesome :)

UKFAN1687 posted on December 12, 2010 at 09:01 AM


What kind of a volume prop bet do you have in mind? Unless things have changed for you i'd say we play a similar number of tables so we might be able to come up with something fair. pm/im me if you want to discuss it.

DosXX posted on December 13, 2010 at 21:11 PM


Santa Monica is my hood. You going to have time to grab a drink or something?

DJ Sensei posted on December 14, 2010 at 10:04 AM


Time will probably be tight while I'm there, but you should def come hang out on the beach and watch some high-quality frisbee.

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