October 30, 2010

Volume Prop: Week 1.7 update

After last week's mediocre results, I realized that playing 12+ tables, while great for getting tons of hands in, is not so great for playing well and winning money. The games aren't exactly 2005 PartyPoker quality; I need to actually be on my A game to be winning at a decent clip. So, I decided to cut down on tables, playing between 6 and 9, and aim for quality over quantity. The stakes of the bet aren't actually that high, so I should be focusing on winning money rather than getting to 40k as fast as possible.  

As expected, my results immediately improved once I dropped a few tables. I began to take down many more uncontested pots, made thinner bluffs and valuebets, and was better able to identify whales* and adjust to capitalize on their strategic deficiencies. My winrate rapidly improved accordingly. In fact, I haven't had a losing day this week. 

Also of note this week: I finally surpassed 100k VPPs on Stars to finally become a Supernova. I never gave much consideration to the VIP program at Stars, because I wasn't ever so much of a grinder that I could take full advantage of it. However, as my volume has increased, I've started paying more attention and doing some research. FPP Pro has been a nice resource for determining equivalent rakeback % and such things, as well as finding out the optimal exchange rate for FPPs (Its the 250,000fpp $4000 bonus, fyi). Immediately after reaching Supernova I cashed in a few bonuses for an extra $5k in straight cash. Given the milestone bonus system, I decided that  I'm going to shoot for 100k more VPPs this year so I can cash another $7400+ in bonuses.

So, the current progress update:
21355 hands in 32.77 hours
$4810.35 in winnings 
6 straight flushes, 9 quads (made), 4 quads (dealt), 200 dealt trips with a winrate of 37.19 bb/100 :)

I don't expect to get too more hands in this weekend, what with the halloween and football and such, but since I'm ahead of schedule I could certainly just take a few days off. GL to you all, and everyone who distracts Vincent in the next few weeks gets an e-highfive! 

* - The more PLO I play, the more I am convinced that your winrate almost entirely depends on crushing whales when you get the chance. Most players these days, even the weaker ones, aren't so bad that you'll be able to consistently destroy them. When you get a whale at the table, though, it is often a mad race to be the one who gets all his gold. Thus, it is crucial to open up and play as many pots with him as you can, isolating as necessary. 

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DiggerTheDog posted on October 30, 2010 at 11:15 AM


Increasing volume and sustaining it is an artform. Make sure you look after yourself if you commit to a much heavier workload.

Love the blog.


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