August 01, 2010

Hey, remember that time I blogged a lot?

Yea, that was a while ago. It turns out it is difficult for me to grind out blog posts on a regular basis, unless there are particularly interesting or notable things happening  and i'm in a blogging mood (see: my last post when I saw a ridiculous blunder on ESPN's WSOP broadcast). But I'll see if I can't try and up the output a little bit, because I know you kids like to read it!

Anyhow, a little life update: The world series was hit-or-miss for me, but I came out ahead overall so I suppose I can't complain. Once again I failed to cash any events, thus extending my streak to 17 consecutive non-cashes. But at least I didn't have too many deep runs that ended in fail. Just the 5k PLO event, in which I finished 75th or something like that and maybe 36 people got paid. I suppose making day 2 of the main event counts too, but I never really had much of a stack in either event, so busting out wasn't horribly disappointing (just regular disappointing). However, I did win a decent bit of scrill in cash games on my first trip. I think I finally found the optimal adjustments for a deep live PLO game, and took the 5/10/25 game for maybe 13k or so over 3-4 sessions. Also, I had 10% of a friend who made a few final tables and thus scored me a 200% series ROI. I sadly wasn't in town to sweat either of them, but they were still exciting to follow online. 

The lowlight of my series was probably when I got iced by Chuck and OTR at a pub after I busted the 5k PLO. It wasn't an ordinary icing, either, it was a 24oz one, and it was hot because they had left it in the sun all day, and it was the regular kind and not any of the flavored ones, so it was basically the worst icing of all time (at least from my perspective). I even got berated for not chugging it all at once. Sigh.

The  highlight was probably my first experience playing with Phil Hellmuth (during day 2 of the 5k PLO). I hoped that I would get a chance to put a bad beat on him, and I gave it my best effort, but he just ended up folding the best hand so I couldn't do it  :(. The hand played out as follows: 

Blinds were 400/800 and I had about 20k in chips. Phil openlimped from early position, and after another few limpers I potted to 5k from the SB with KQJTds. Phil was the only caller (I think) and the flop came out AK3 with a club draw (I had no clubs). I bet 10k, and at the same time Mike Matusow started talking to Phil from the next table over. Phil became upset at this because he was in a hand, and then mucked AJT3 face up. I showed him the ten of diamonds and happily collected the pot.

Unfortunately that was the only interesting hand I played against him, and I busted out later in the day with nothing to show for my efforts. Well, nothing except a "nobody cares what you mucked" card protector that Matusow gave everyone at our table for some reason. 

Fortunately, I am no longer in Vegas, because I hate that horrid death-hole. Back home, ultimate season is in full swing and I've been playing a good amount of poker (everything from the standard tripledraw and PLO to some 30/60 stud8 and razz). I'm pretty pleased with my video output lately, both Bustacap and Solid State PLO are going to turn out quite nicely. Also, I apologize for the sporadic release of Bustacap, it was tough to coordinate my schedule with Ceegee since he was so busy crushing tournaments. So yea, things are nice. Now, if I could just find a way to post more in this here blog....     

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