June 15, 2010

WSOP! Trip 1, Day 1

I arrived in Vegas around noon, semi-planning to play the 2500 6MNL event today, but decided I'd be better off just relaxing, playing some cash games, and preparing to crush the 2500 PLO event tomorrow. So, I did just that. After a large lunch with Tom (tecmo) and his special lady at the Rio's world buffet, I headed to the Rio's poker room to play some cash games. My first 4 hands were at a shorthanded 5-5-20 PLO game (weird!) but I took a seat at the more conventional 5-10-25 PLO game when it opened up. The game wasn't great, but I grinded out a win by playing solid and running decently well. The only really big pots I remember were: My 6642ds against A753ds on a Q53ssx flop (I was actually in fairly bad shape, since my opponent had my 6 high FD crushed with her 7 high FD and she had 2 blockers to my wrap). Fortunately for me, we chopped that one when we ran it twice. After that, we got it in again, my ATT2 to her QQ52 on a T43 twotone flop. She had FD to go with her OESD+overpair, but I managed to bink a 4 on the turn both runs and scoop a ~$4500 pot. I don't really remember too many other hands all that well, aside from one time I flatted AAxx and flopped AQQ in a 4-way pot, but only got one c/c from the preflop raiser. It was a shame nobody had AQ, I probably would have won a monster pot. Anyhow, I booked a win of about $2500 on the session, which conveniently pays for my entry to tomorrow's donkament. Hopefully I manage to run good and get a fat stack, PLO tournaments are much more fun that way!

After the session, we had dinner reservations at CUT, a steakhouse that I hadn't eaten at before but which was quite favorably reviewed by everyone I asked. The opportunity to have a nice dinner was another reason that I chose to skip the tournament today, and I think it was a good one. Joining me for dinner were Chris (DeathDonkey), Jonas (RBK), Vincent (soepgroente), Emil (whitelime), and Ariel (FWF). Tom and his lady stopped by again, but they didn't stay for the full meal. The food was excellent as expected, but I didn't feel very well throughout most of it. I think it was just my body getting used to the horrible vegas atmosphere again. Hopefully its nothing worse than that, I hate being sick in Vegas. I also had to deal with a sweat in creditcard roulette, since my card was one of the last two heads-up for the $1200 bill, but fortunately I picked my own card to be safe and Jonas got stuck with it. It would have been super lame to be feeling bad during the meal and then get owned with the bill, too.

So tomorrow I take on my first tournament of this series, the 2500 PLO. I think I'm due to break my non-cash streak (currently 11 or 12 WSOP tourneys, I think? More if you include the other live tourneys I've played. Certainly within range of normal variance, but blech.) If I busto, theres a slight chance I'll play the 1500NL on Wednesday but probably not. I've got better ways to spend my day than that. Thursday I'll play either the 5000 6MNL or the 2500 PLH/PLO, and then I'll be heading back home on either Friday or Saturday. I can only take so much Vegas before I go crazy, so I'm planning to make a few shorter trips to try and keep that from being a problem.

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