September 02, 2009

Weird Day?

So I got up and did my pup walk and then just got rocked for around 45 minutes. The only action was HU PLO and AA no good to AK aipf. Whatever.

I took a few minutes, sat back down, got some HUNL action. I c/r’d a Ah7c3C with Qc9c and got called. Bing Ac turn. Nobody folds an ace in that spot and I’m bet/folding the turn to an unknown. So I bet big he calls. The river is a ten so I lose to AT and only AT here.

He had AT.

Now, vs. some better players I think I’m drawing dead on the turn sometimes, and maybe can’t b/f the turn but vs. unknowns I think stacking off there is not only standard, it’s +EV.

Like 5 hands later he revealed himself as an overaggro MSNL’er. I had not been 3-betting much, but he did decide to 4-bet call it off with 33. Someone the bottom-ish of my range (AKo) hit and I was on a comeback.

Got some 15/30 action @ LHE thereafter. The session was too long. I shouldn’t have played as long as I did. I got tired and I got sloppy. I played a horrible player for an extra 45 minutes for an extra $45.

Don’t look at the cashier. Don’t “play until the left numbers are 00” or something stupid. I know this, yet I let myself relearn it today. That’s the price you pay for getting a little rusty.

Too late now for me to play. I’m exhausted for some reason. I’ll be back to the tables tomorrow. Wish me luck!

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