April 29, 2009


Only action today was from short-stacking HUNL players. One guy, who I ended up playing for about 10x as long as I should have had to, won every all-in. If there’s anyone that makes you want to punch the laptop, it’s these guys. That being said, they’re great spots and you shouldn’t complain about having a very hi % chance to walk away with a few hundred dollars. That being said, this guy ended up taking me for about 1/2 a buyin lol. I had gotten it in really good vs. him a few times, then ended up lose 2 or 3 more flips, then after grinding him down to even I lost another flip and he quit. I think @ the most he was up about 1/2 a buyin. The session was long and boring. Luckily I ran good elsewhere simultaneously so yay for morning sessions.

Going to try and get some more playing in later on but doubt I will – I leave for the West Coast for a short trip tomorrow and have some work to finish up before then. Have some coaching in a bit as well. Been coaching more lately and have enjoyed it. I bumped my rate down as low as it has ever been simply because I wanted to coach more.

I also have to get started working on my series with DeathDonkey some time over the next few days. I need to time it well though because I’ll need all my luckbox to beat DD. We are doing one of those “i play X hands, you play X hands, the loser has to…” challenges.

The series name is Kung Fu. As of right now I really want to make (if he loses) DeathDonkey lay in a chair and pop up all dramatically like in the matrix and say “I know kung fu”. We’ll record it and I’ll put it on videos, send it to his friends and family, maybe take out an ad on google with it.

Plz to post ideas.

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