April 28, 2009



So yes I have been playing a lot more poker – with some good results as of late. A lot of heads up, but because the action is not as easy to come by as it once was I’ve been some 6 max too. Even those games seem to be full pretty often on FTP so I’ve been dabbling in other games (HORSE, O8, PLO) a little bit, usually much smaller stakes if I don’t know the game that well (i.e. PLO) – the good news is that when I do get a seat somewhere the action has been pretty good in pretty much every game.

Today has been annoying so far. I got hit and run @ HULHE real quick, but quickly cheered up as I got some action vs. a bonafide fish @ HUNL. Of course he took me for just under 2 buyins and politely thanked me as he left the table. Stud.

I then got visited by a DC member who played me in a pretty sweet HU match some time early last week (he is good imo). I insta-sat out vs. him because I’m coaching in about 20 minutes and didn’t want to have the match end in a hit and run. He asked me to play my BB thinking he would fold it back to me, then he raised. Apparently he had been grimmed earlier in the day and was pissed about it. Fwiw I think if you sit in against someone @ LHE and they fold and deny you action it’s not them grimming. If they are sitting on an empty they are most likely a reg and not playing you because they don’t want your action.

That being said if this dude did in fact grim him, I hate him because it put a sour stamp on my day.

THAT being said it’s early. Plenty of day left to pwn noobs. If there’s one thing I’ve learned since “going pro” it’s that it really is all one big session. It used to be I was forced to stay up late and hate myself on the way to work (ok let’s be honest i fcking loved myself on the way to work because I wasn’t sleeping I was staying up all night hitting flops like Joe did in the early 90’s), but now I’m better off taking a break and playing when I’m good and ready.

I’m heading down to meet Krantz for lunch after coaching and do some sweet DC work. He leaves for his show in under a month so I have to get a ton of hands in before he takes some of his run good off the island of Manhattan with him. A lot of DeucesCracked guys headed out to Vegas again this summer, and I’m going to be one of them for some of it. Not nearly as much as last summer but enough for me. If anything it will be nice to walk around in the heat and then come back to NY and think it’s not hot here.

It’s hot here. 84 degrees is hot.

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We should do some PLO vids together, sweat-session style IMO.


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