July 14, 2009

Why do I play them?

Donkament beats have been deleted. Don’t even know why I play them. I think I’m up like $8 on my past 5 which is awesome considering how horrible I ran. I’ll ship one for $30k soon. Was super deep in Sunday Million with a good chip stack and got it in on the turn with 88 vs. A6 on an 875A for a lot of chips. Neither of us had a spade for the 3 flush either. I can toss on like 6 more exit hands of that fashion.

Moral of the story is donkaments are a fun and easy way to help you get hands in. So that’s why I play them. They are fun and I would really love to win $30k or the $230k I was supposed to ship yesterday.

Won a small amount at cash overall today. The HU action I got was great, as was the 6max action. Despite getting 2 outed in 2 huge pots (back to back!) and whiffing in a 20BB pot with a monster draw I still pwnd noobs with vigor.

Issues with HEM and my windows partition have pooped on my sessions a bit. Hopefully I get that figured out in a bit because I much prefer it to my mac.


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2fouroffsuit posted on July 14, 2009 at 04:45 AM


Do you have 4gigs of RAM on your mac? How much do you have set aside for VMWare?

danzasmack posted on July 14, 2009 at 05:50 AM


Sick idea. I do. And now VMWare has 2k MB Ram.



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