July 13, 2009

New Poker Enemy #1

Scott Fischman.

Early this morning my pup decides he has to take an epic piss and wakes me up. So I watch him pee as he stares back at me in that shameful “you’re really going to watch?” type of way. I couldn’t fall back asleep so I loaded up like 8 empties, including a “why not” 2/4 HA table (PLO and PLHE).

While reading the DC forums I get a notification that someone is ready to party with yours truly. What do you know, it’s Scott “little man” Fischman.

Anyway my pup then decides it’s time to poo so I’m pretty distracted. I misclick fold for like 3 hands, tank on a few pf min-raises, but get back into the swing of things pretty quickly. After a bit he’s up about $100 and I have not played well. Then I start playing normal speed. This is important because if I was taking forever I wouldn’t be pissed (because I could see you quitting someone who was playing very slowly).

Well then a few hands in I flop double gutted, bet and get called, hit the ass end bet and get called. The board pairs the river so I check and he bets and I call.

Insta sit-out quit.

!?!?! Seriously?

It ends up he was in a few SnG’s @ the same time but I don’t care – he insta-quit after hitting a river like he did? That’s a hit and run for sure. He didn’t even stack me. Not even close.

Even if something comes up and you have to quit (safe for say some sort of medical emergency which clearly wasn’t the case because he was in sng’s) – if it’s right after a big pot you at least say “sorry g2g”.

Quitting like he did was very rude. Fwiw I’m not even close to tilted.

So – poker enemy #1.

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