July 12, 2009

Back From the Future

Vegas was good. We ran the charity event about as smoothly as I thought we would. These TV Shows guys asked us to jump through hoops and I didn’t like them very much, so let’s hope they don’t make me look like a huge tool lol.

Just tournaments today, busted in a dumb way in 1 but am currently still in the Sunday Million. I don’t really think I’ve had a difficult decision yet though i did make 1 sick value bet with AA on a K86K9 with a flush on board. Going to see if I can squeak out a win because $230k would be nice.

Going to get back to grinding either late tonight (if I can’t sleep and all my work is done) or tomorrow some time. Been successful getting HULHE action lately which is good for me so let’s hope that keeps up. Not going to institute any sort of weekly hand quotient or anything – the best thing for getting in hands is taking out some “hobbies” you thought you liked and replacing them with poker. Video games is an easy one. Television when you don’t know what’s on. Just fire up some tables instead. I’ll usually sit @ something like HORSE or 8 game to start off because it gets my brain stimulated then sit on some empties and brace for pwnage.

See you guys in a bit.

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