June 28, 2009

My name is Chuck and I like to party.

I played DONKAMENTS last night! I thought it would be fun and it was. Small stakes ones. Busted early in some “fifty fifty” thing on FTP, then came in 6th in some 1r+1a tourny for just over $1k =/. Ran JJ into QQ @ the final table (so it is…) – that’s actually the same way I busted from the ME last year. Squeezing JJ from the BB after QQ cold called a loose player’s open.

In the meantime some awesome cash was running. 6max O8 running super soft and a great great great 30 game on stars. I couldn’t get any footing in the O8 for a while but then I was magically up like 20 bets. People putting in 4 bets with naked low draws is always a great sign lol. No idea what was happening in the 30 game, just people calling calling and folding.

In fact, I ran awesome in the 30 all day yesterday. I think. I don’t know what I ran bad in because I didn’t book that huge of a win. I’m going to have to stop playing on my mac so much or at least update my windows partition and get HEM Omaha.

Oh now I remember – NLO8! Somehow, in 3 all-ins with AAxx, I’ve won 0 lol. One I was bad like AAT8 to AA25, but the others I had the better low. Getting flushed blows lol.

Who cares though, flopping full houses in the 30 vs. lags is way better haha.

Going to try and play a few Sundays today and get a bunch of hands in. Off to play some basketball for now.

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