June 27, 2009

Been playing a lot.

I should post some hands soon. Ton of O8 (all kinds), some HUNL, and the rest (and mostly) LHE. All kinds. I did have 4 of the best 15/30 fr games I’ve actually ever been in the other night. I dumped 100 bets but had I not started getting super tired I could have easily won it back in 3 or 4 orbits. 8 way limped, open and 4 cold calls, you name it I saw.

It’s funny, my autopilot works well or 6 max but not full ring. I see A5s UTG and think “raise” first. Had it been 6max games I probably would have stayed up playing but it was actually a bit tougher for me to turn down the aggro.

The O8 experiment is going well. Ran like ass today but man people are bad at that game. When the NLO8 goes (and runs short) I’ll leave just about anything to sit there. Limit O8 has way more variance than people think. It’s very feasible to bring your A-game to the table and really get rocked, especially with some bad lags 3-betting stuff like 9723r and just hammering flops.

All in all though been running just fine. My 6max LHE game is coming back strong and that’s a good thing because good action HU is not as easy to find as it used to be.

I’ve been pretty good about game selection which is a good thing. Slowly learning who the bad regs are has been fun for sure.

Back with some hands soon.

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