June 04, 2010

DC House Day 3 - Part 1

I awoke to Joe asking me if I would like some chipotle, which I declined believe it or not. Joe is currently in the stud event and it seems to be going pretty well. His table draw is pretty good it seems (some dude limping a ton and general disinterest in winning a hand of poker). In the meanwhile I decided to go play some o8 in the cash game room.

Warning - poker content below.

I don't know what's common practice when you're on a list but I decided to play 10/20 LHE in the meantime, as it was the only game that was open. The game was great so those of you looking for some good smaller LHE action go check out the Rio. I felt like I owned the table even though I lost. i got a seat then in a 20/40 1/2 kill game soon after being stuck a bit and moved over there.

It went even worse over there. I kept folding what used to be the nuts. All in all it seemed correct. I ended up folding the best hand twice - once after bet/calling 24XX on a 442 K board and being faced with 2 cold on the low completing river. The action went - I check, check, bet, I call, raise (this, I knew was A3), and the 3rd player 3-bet. He had A43X and my full house was good. Online I probably never fold but the game was so straightforward that I figured to be beat almost always.

The second hand I will be posting, it was kind of a sick spot, but I think I only have 2 options, both of which involve me folding at some point. So it's a kill pot. The kill checks, a good player limps, a tight player raises, a tight player in the SB cold calls, I call AdJh9d5h in the BB. The kill folds and we take a flop four ways.

The flop is Ts8s7d, so kinda yahtzee. Checks to the PFR who bets, the SB calls, I c/r the field. I think this is always going to be the best play given the fact that I can maybe make the good player fold some sort of weak low draw + FD, the PFR almost always has aces, and the tight player well, at least I have position on him.

Well that's all whatever because they all call! Jackpot of course until the 3s comes on the turn. I definitely think it's bet/fold or check/fold. I opted to check/fold and think it's right.

Other than that standard stuff. It is a bit weird losing live. It's much slower and a lot more shameful.

Anyway, back to the felt tomorrow!

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SilentBob posted on June 04, 2010 at 18:20 PM


Call me a nit, but is the AJ95 really a check/raise on the flop? Multi-way live I'd prefer to wait for a safe turn before putting in the raise - it looks much stronger, people are much more likely to fold with 1 card to come & you don't find yourself in a situation where you put bets in with almost no chance of winning after a bad turn.

danzasmack posted on June 04, 2010 at 22:31 PM


I like a c/r specifically in this spot because I can potentially push the good player off weak FD + non-nut low hands and be in position on the nit, who, if he donks out the turn, clearly has a flush.

100% agree though that just calling this flop will be good sometimes. The good player's CC of 2 really freaked me out as I couldn't give him tooooo many A2 combos.

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