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my name is Stefan. I'm 28 years old and grinding nl100/200 atm. Right now I try to learn some PLO, too, but I'll go into detail about that later.

Why do I write this blog? Question is somewhat simple to answer: First of all I want to learn to speak/write English again on a regular basis. I don't have any problems when listening to it, but when I try to find the correct words, it is sometimes a little bit weird, and I feel like I am 12 years old again. The other thing is that I want to have some sort of a diary for myself, about what I learned playing poker and which goals I want to archieve.

Some history content:

I started playing poker in 2007. In Germany it wasn't that big of a boom I guess like it was in the USA when Moneymaker did win the WSOP ME. So even some players from Germany started playing poker and I saw all this Ads from PartyPoker etc, I thought "I don't want to gamble". On a Friday night I was out drinking with some friends. One of them had seen some poker on TV and we started to play some for just a few Cents. Of course I sucked really bad, and I lost like 4€ or so^^ In relation, it's like 400bb over like 80 hands^^ But I thought that I would like to learn more about it. I started to play some playmoney SNGs, and once I was able to beat those, I tried to win with cashing in some money. Of course, I did suck, and I lost my deposit pretty fast. But, I loved to play the game. So I tried to learn, how to beat it, once I realized that guys really became rich by playing poker. I invested in Dan Harrington's "Harrington on Holdem" and used his starthandchart to play Full Ring on PokerStars. It worked out for me. I started playing with a 100$ bankroll on nl25, but when I was down 50$ I decided to move down to nl10. I got lucky and I was able to build a bankroll to play nl25. I switched to UltimateBet and grinded my way up to play nl50. After that I decided to play SH. Got lucky there, too, even I was playing like 14/12. I could make it to nl100, but then I got into my first downswing, or at least what I thought would be a downswing (lost 8 BuyIns lol), and I decided to move down again.

I had a lot of problems breaking through to nl100. I was beating nl50, but when I tried to move up to nl100, for some reason I was always leveling myself. One eyample: People started to 3b/sq more then on nl50. I got crazy about that, and always tried to make stupid moves. If someone was 3betting like 4% of the time, I was stacking off preflop with AJs etc. I wasn't really thinking in ranges. Obv no chance to beat nl100 that way. It took a really long time, before I realized that. At one point I was down to ~700$ from like 4k, and I decided to quit.

After some time I started to play some tournaments on Pokerstars, just because I wanted to do something, and well, I love playing poker. I got lucky in a 11$ deepstack tournament, in which I finished ~5th and cashed for like ~700$ or so. Well, it was time to give poker a chance again ;) I grinded the 22$ 180 sngs, managed to win one and to final table 1-2 other, but overall, I wasn't playing well. Obv variance is big in these type of SNGs, and I couldn't manage to get ITM for a long time. So, what to do? Right: I quit :/

Some time after that I had some money on Stars and I decided: Come on, one last try^^ I grinded it up to play nl100. I played in the Supernova Weekly $75.000 freeroll and I guess luck was on my side on that day. I managed to get #3 out of ~1.500 entrants for $6.975:


User Uploaded Image

  The last hand of my tournament:


I think I should have shoved preflop and not bet small, but ok, we all make mistakes.   I started grinding nl100fr on different sites and I build a bankroll that would have allowed me to play nl200. But, before I was able to take the shot, I got on a real downswing. After loosing like ~30 BIs I had to take a break.   I stopped playing for 2-3 month and after that I started again playing nl20sh on Microgaming. 4-5 weeks later I had, after beating nl40sh, too, a big enough bankroll to play nl100sh again. The games weren't that soft, at least not for me at that time, so I decided to start playing on a 2nd room, too. I choosed Partypoker. In Decmeber 2009 I had my first 5digits month! I was beating the games and was able to move up to nl200. I had some trouble first, but I was able to build a bankroll to play nl400. I was then playing nl200/400 on iPoker/Partypoker and managed to make some sweet money. Even after cashing out some of it, I was able to move up to nl600. The biggest pot I played lifetime was the following:


  It was played in €, so it was like a ~$1,9k pot. Tbh, I am unsure if he thought that his Q2 had made a better 2p^^   In June 2010 I had to learn for my vocational training. I moved into my new appartment, too, so I choosed to take some money out of my bankroll. I thought it would be an easy comeback for me, so I cashed everything out, leaving myself a $4k bankroll for playing nl100 and grind it up again. But, after nearly not playing for 2 month, something had changed. I wasn't able to beat the game anymore like I was used to. The problem was that I was playing on autopilot, rakeback-grinder. It worked for nl100, but when I tried to move up to nl200, well, I got destroyed. Even luck wasn't on my side, too, I guess I would have at best beaten the game for like 0,5bb/100. I couldn't understand that really at that moment, but here you get to the point, where you can find help from outside.   After looking through the coaching forum on DeucesCracked I was lucky to find 2 group coaching programms that I thought would help me a lot. The first one was offered by Phoinix, and well, what happened you can read here:


  The other one was offered by FenderJaguar. I really believe that this helped me a lot. Even we both don't always have the same opinion (Aniston or Jolie, and you vote for Jolie, come on^^), he is capable of showing you simple things you do wrong in your game and teaching you how to play them well. I mean, of course after one group coaching you won't be able to destroy nl400, but you have a solid foundation, to beat your actual limit and being able to move up to at least nl100. If you work hard enough through the group coaching I guess as a nl100 player, you should be able to take shots at nl200. No guarantee obv, but for me as a nl100 player, it worked out.   Right now I am playing nl100/200. After a sick downswing on nl200 (if the other guys more often have AA when you have KK, you won't win in that period of time) I have to move down one limit, but I'm ok with that. In theory, I played pretty well on nl200 so no chance I won't try it again. I also started to play some plo50, because I think it is good to have something else to do, too. Just played a few hands, so I can't say if I would beat the game or not, but I feel I'm playing well enough to be able to beat at least plo50.   That was a short review of my poker history ;) Like I already wrote, I try to keep you up2date like every 1-2 weeks and I hope it will contain some content that even might help you, because you see what I was doing wrong. Because I wrote so much, I guess I now have a good point to finish my first entry. Thx for reading!!

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Layla posted on April 26, 2017 at 20:52 PM


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struatlittle posted on June 14, 2017 at 17:05 PM


Are you trying to learn the Polo as well as the denver granite countertops. Wow really good news. Can you teach me some too? I am more than interested in knowing more about this, thanks friend.


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