August 29, 2011

Running a 5k in a month, my plan

One of my good friend's wife is a cancer survivor. He mentioned that there's a race on the last Sunday in September and asked if I wanted to run it. Since I was getting lazy I decided to join. So having 4 weeks to train I'm going to start eating much better and running long distances 5 or 6 days a week the next 2 weeks. As I get closer I'll start training specifically for the race doing interval training and such but wanted to get a solid base as of now.

My goal for the 5k is 21:00. It's certainly doable with this much time to train. I'd love to be able run it sub 20. That's really the ultimate goal but not sure how realistic it is right now. I really struggle with hills and this course is very uneven. Either way it's for a good cause and gives me an excuse to get in shape.

Other than that not much has been going on. Just recorded an episode of Heyball and had to turn down US Open Quarters tickets. It's a bit of a reality check for me but the tickets, the hotel, and the flight is just too expensive for me with how many trips I've taken this summer. I'd have to liquidate more investments and that's something I really wouldn't want to do at this point. It's tough to complain considering that I've been able to go pretty much everywhere I've wanted this summer (except Vegas), but still hurts. 

Just goes to show how much I miss poker as any time in the last 3 years I was able to take small trips like these anytime I wanted. You really do appreciate things like this after it's gone. To add to the pain it'd be very likely that they're going to be very good matches as it's in the second week of the tournament. Thanks again American government.

"Disappointment to a noble soul is what cold water is to burning metal; it strengthens, tempers, intensifies, but never destroys it" -Eliza Tabor

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the_sphinx1 posted on August 29, 2011 at 12:38 PM


As a runner myself, I'd say intervals are the thing you should focus on the most if you want to chop your 5k time.

Also if you have any excess weight, you have to cut it. I used to struggle to 42 min 10ks and 21 min 5ks.After I lost some weight I got down to 37:12 10k and 17.54 5k.

The weight makes a big difference.

bosoxx34 posted on August 30, 2011 at 15:17 PM


Great thanks for the advice.

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