August 01, 2011

Atlantic City Trip Report

Last week I went down to Atlantic City with a couple guys I know from 2+2. The plan was to golf and gamble it up and I think it's safe to say that it was pretty successful. AC is about 6 hours from my house so I set off about 230 in the morning to get there for our 10 AM tee time. Met up with Mike and his friend Brian at Harbor Pines golf course, which was in great shape and really really tough. I didn't participate in gambling between the two but did propose a game. I forgot the name of it but its basically this the pot starts at a $ amount, in this case it was .50. Then whoever 3putts first takes over that amount, then for each subsequent 3 putt the pot is doubled and whoever 3 putts takes it over. 

I've seen and heard of some insane amounts being wagered on a 6 foot putt by the end of the round, the main reason for starting it at .50. So going through the round there were quite a few three putts in the beginning and it sort of stabilized until I three putted 16 to take over the $32 tab, $16 to each player. I thought I was going to owe as the putting from both my playing partners had improved. On 17 Brian had a 7 footer on his first putt that he blew it 6 feet past the hole and missed his second coming back.

On the 18th hole he just made a mess of it going up the right side the hole time. By the time he finally got into the greenside bunker I just told him to pick up and stop the bleeding. Mike, his good buddy quickly interrupts me and syas no he has to finish out he could 3 putt. So he proceeds to blast out of the bunker and just roll up onto the green, leaving himself about 50 feet. He hits a nice lag about 6 feet away. From there I was holding the pin and couldn't watch just hoping he would drain it as any more money lost would just add insult to injury. Unfortunately I didn't hear anything hitting the cup and Brian owed $64 apiece. 

From there we went to the Borgata to check in, it was my first time in AC so seeing the Borgata for the first time was pretty cool. It looked very Vegas to me and the rooms were great. From there we met up with our other 2+2 friend Hawk where he and went to the racebook for the free drinks and Mike and Brian went to the poker room. For me the rest of the night was filled with alcohol, losing $ in craps, and stuffing my face at fat burger. The next day all 4 of us went to register for the daily $100 + 20 poker tourney. We each swapped 10% and went to work.

I had never cashed in a live tourney before (I've only played about 4) and this structure wasn't great. A couple things that stood out to me. The younger internet players typically handled themselves much better at the poker table than the older players. Many times the "live pros" would stand up and scream when there was an all in, berate their opponents, and just typically be rude and disrespectful. We had one guy at my table who would constantly try and angle and act like he didn't know what he was doing. Also, this structure was terrible and it turned into a turbo within a couple hours.

Anyways, Hawk busted quickly and Mike's stack was going througha  ton of ups and downs, however Brian and I were able to build workable stacks. I forgot how easy bad live tournies could be. I won my first 10-15 pots without showdowns and there was just very little resistance in the beginning. At about the 4 hour mark I had about 15 bigs as well as everyone else. I had chatted it up with some people at my table and it was certainly better than my previous live tournies as far as personality wise at the tables. Then my buddy Mike got moved to the one seat and I was in the 3. From here it was a lot of fun basically just chatting with him.

He's played a lot more live poker than me and immediately spotted that the angle shooter in the 10 seat was a piece of work, Like the second hand he gets to the table he gets it in with 22 against A4 when a kid in the 4 seat goes "Are you any good at coinflips?" Generally the typical response is I'm running really well, or I never win them. Mike just shrugs his shoulders and goes "Eh, I'm ranked top 10 in my neighborhood." Which i thought was outstanding. 

Shortly into hour 5 I was short and pushed with 7s in EP, the 4 seat called me. Then the 6th, 8th, and 9th also called me. Mike just goes to me "well this is what you want." I rolled over my 77 and was against 99, jto, ATcc, and KK. I see the hands rolled over and just immediately go, "Oh hey I'm the favorite." the flop comes 758ccx. So I have to fade a bunch to quadruple up, the turn is an offsuit 6 giving the 99 a straight. So now I need the board to pair and the river comes a 7 for quads. I just smile and rake in the chips now having a very good stack.

Unfortunately the only bad part about this was we now had a few new guys at the table with 45 left (36 get paid) and they were all internet players. It had to be one of the toughest daily tournament tables of all time. For the next hour it was just a bunch of raising and 3 betting, then with about 40 left our other friend Brian got moved to the table making it that much tougher. On the bubble Brian shoved A9 and ran into aces. The person holding aces was another older gentleman who was immediately berating him for shoving with A9 on the bubble. The board rolled off 45678 which was great. What followed that hand was awesome too. The 5 seat was berating Brian, Mike and I proceeded to needle the 5 seat by me agreeing with him and Mike agreeing with Brian, I was talking in a sarcastic tone throughout but he never picked up on it.

From there I finished in 35th when 55<TT. Brian finished in the 20s and we were left turning in our drink vouchers while sweating on Mike. With about 15 left he got it in with 84 against TT and rivered a straight to stay alive. From there he got tot he final table and was playing really well, he was one of the few trying to steal PF and go from there. With 5 left he shoved KTcc into the chip leaders AK. I go, "show me a club in the door." The 8c was in the door followed by 9c and 5c. I go "boom, ship it." when Mike just points at the other guys cards and he had the Ac. So we had to fade 2 cards and fortunately we did. Mike eventually got HU and doubled early to get to even in chip stacks. He then called a shove with A5 against the other guys J6 and J6 won to ship the tourney.

No complaints, it was a fun sweat, Mike played well and I was then back to even on the trip. However, craps blows and I finished down a bit on the trip. What makes it worse is Mike and Brian had never played it before and I was talking about how it has to lowest house edge in the casino, blah blah blah and I don't think we ever stood at a table for more than 20 minutes. Either way it was a blast and it all but concludes the summer of Mike. There's a possibility I may be making one last trip to NYC at the end of the year to watch the US Open but that really depends on if I can score free tickets like last year.


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jubinator posted on August 01, 2011 at 23:00 PM


Sweet TR

Bigvee posted on August 02, 2011 at 02:11 AM


missed the bosoxx action! Ive been reviewing your craps vid in preperation for my Vegas trip hehe

Bonito posted on August 02, 2011 at 12:54 PM


If you're looking for another interesting golf game my friends and I have done this one.

Each person puts in $XX before the round. If you get a par you randomly draw a card from a deck, birdie 2 cards, eagle 3, double eagle (never happened) 4.

At the end of the round best 5 card hand takes the pot.

This isnt the most fun game but its a good one if you are too drunk/hungover to do some of the math involved in other games.

bosoxx34 posted on August 03, 2011 at 00:25 AM


That game sounds pretty cool, gonna start using that one.

Pervez77 posted on May 31, 2017 at 10:03 AM


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