April 06, 2011

Rush PLOing and youtube videos

I've been putting a lot of my time into Rush PLO lately and have been doing pretty well. Don't want to post the jinxing graph but it's amazing how things work. I'm profitable at HUNL but am not at 6max NL. Then I'm profitable at 6 max rush PLO and am god awful at HUPLO. Rush works well for me though since I have smaller windows to get hands in during baseball season and am able to play and get a good amount of hands in in small doses. 

KasinoKrime has been huge in helping me understand PLO. He was nice enough to send me a couple videos from PLOquickpro.com and they're really good. I'm not sure when his site is going live but anyone that can afford it should absolutely buy it. I promise you won't be disappointed. Everything is top notch from the presentation to the material in the videos.

Furthermore he sent me an interview one of his partners did with former MLB pitcher Orel Hershiser. They mainly talked about the mental game of poker and how to focus in. Despite not being young enough to watch Mr. Hershiser in his heyday I have always been a fan. If you've ever seen his stuff it's nothing impressive however he had some great years with the Dodgers and was huge in their big games. 

While I love Tommy's video series, the material in this interview was much more applicable to me. He used many baseball analogies and talked about how he was able to focus on the mound with thousands of screaming fans in attendance. The interview gave me a bunch of new ideas and again, not sure what it's going to go live but I'd encourage any poker player to do what they can to get their hands on it.

Yesterday I went to youtube something and an hour later I was  still clicking on related videos. Two youtube videos I thought I'd share

 Thought this youtube comment summed it up well.

first was a strike, 2nd was a toss up, 3rd was racist.
    As3sinoL0C0 1 month ago 25 

 Second youtbue video is actually a baseball brawl. My thoughts:

  •  What the catcher did was extremely bush league.  
  • I've never seen a high school baseball fight like this one, a lot of the times I blame altercations that get out of hand like this on the coaching staff although I don't think they could've done anything here.
  • I'm guessing this was brewing for a while, something must have happened earlier or in the previous game
  • I'm not sure how all 4 guys got around the bases on the walkoff grand slam without another fight happening.


Failure is blindness to the strategic element in events; success is readiness for instant action when the opportune moment arrives. 
Newell D. Hillis

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Ya the Orel interview is ridiculously awesome. Gave me a ton of stuff to think about.

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