April 02, 2011

Baseball/Hockey Stat Geeks

I've been a baseball nerd for a while. Knowing all sorts of advanced stats about a lot of players and teams. I knew which teams were running well, were lucky, and were unlucky. While I don't mention these stats to most of my friends, I do to a select few as well as my brother. My brother has become very annoyed with it in the past and I've never been exactly sure why.

 For hockey it's the opposite, I only pick up things from the games that I watch. I've watched about every Bruins game so far this year and think they have a good chance to make some noise in the playoffs. Reading the 2+2 hockey forum I've come to realize that the stat geeks say that Boston is overrated and I gotta tell you it's incredibly annoying. So from now on when I'm watching baseball games with people who aren't into advanced stats, I'm going to keep my thoughts to myself.

On a completely different note, I love Saturdays during baseball season. Often times it starts with an early practice and from there I'm allowed to be productive before noon. From there I generally grind then grab lunch and watch some afternoon baseball. It's actually byfar my most relaxing day of the week as I'm forced to get up early. I should probably take note of that and make it a habit.

Finally, I'll leave you with this outstanding commercial.


"Friends are those rare people who ask how we are and then wait to hear the answer."
Ed Cunningham


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