January 11, 2010

Catching up on movies + other stuff

  • Finally was able to watch The Hangover and Role Models over the past week. I’m a huge fan of mindless comedies and thought The Hangover was very funny and thought Role Models was pretty boring. There was a thread debating these types of movies on 2+2 and many have Knocked Up rated pretty high. I personally thought it wasn’t nearly as good as the reviews and didn’t think there were too many great lines.
  • Obviously the NFL playoffs have started. The only exciting game this weekend was the Packers-Cards game which I had to miss because of baseball winter league. I left the car right when GB recovered the onside kick and followed the rest of the game on my phone. Wish I could’ve watched it live or even DVRd it but figured I’d have no chance of avoiding the score for 2 hours. I have the worst luck when DVRing live sporting events so I’ve pretty much given up hope on doing that.
  • I’ve moved up to 100nl a little early with a little urging from some poker buddies. I have 50 BI, but I know I can beat the level, the rake is a killer at 50nl, and the sooner I could move up the better. the emotional control is much better however it can be tough to get a game. I gotta get some money on different sites once I get up to 80 BIs or so.
  • I’ve finally started studying the math part of the game a bit more. WOTs first 2 episodes were obviously basic but very good and I’ve been running equity calcs after each session. It’s really not that hard and is really easy to do. DC member subbacultcha summed it up well in his blog that nobody really enjoys doing them but if you take 15 minutes a day and do them it’s well worth it.
  • Big Monday starts tomorrow. As weird as it sounds, it’s my favorite day of the week from January to March. Generally the best games are played as one or both games feature the Big East and I’m a college basketball junkie. I went to the Cuse-Memphis game the other night and Syracuse beat a decent Memphis team while playing awful. It’s scary how much better Johnson is than Harris and the team is just much more likable this year without Devendorf and Harris. However, they still turn the ball over a bit too much, so while immensely talented that could be their downfall in March.
  • Speaking of college basketball, on a completely different note for those that are don’t follow it or don’t follow sports you probably haven’t seen Jim Valvano’s speech. It’s from 1993 and he was in the middle of fighting an incurable form of cancer. Not much of a point to this other than the obvious. It’s easy to complain about equity, running bad, how poker isn’t fair etc. However, if you really take a step back and look at it, being unlucky at poker isn’t the worst thing in the world. This speech is extremely motivating, enjoy.

Jimmy V’s Speech

“Winners have simply formed the habit of doing things losers don’t like to do.”

- Albert Gray

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oneillsurfer03 posted on January 11, 2010 at 07:22 AM


u can have college basketball but the yanks are world champs right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

run.it.twice posted on January 12, 2010 at 00:30 AM


Perhaps you can record add some 10 or so minutes of you doing some calcs at the end of the videos 'Down on the Farm'?

I'm guilty of not doing this, I guess I should really start, I have to watch WoT's series soon.

bosoxx34 posted on January 12, 2010 at 01:17 AM


I'll definitely do it once I feel comfortable with it. Maybe I'll add it to the last 10 minutes of like every other episode.

TecmoSuperBowl posted on January 12, 2010 at 03:23 AM


I watch Jimmy V's speech every time it comes on ESPN. Just magical.

If you want to work on some poker math some time, just lmk. I'm on Ep 6 of Wilt's Math series and it never hurts to practice.

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