March 19, 2011

All in the Game yo

Well, the bad part about only choosing one bracket is your bracket could be destroyed on day 1. Last year it was with Georgetown losing to Ohio, this year I have Louisville to thank for that. I was watching it with some of my players before practice  and felt safe when they went up by 4 with a minute left. I was able to make a comeback last year and win one of my pools, but that's extremely unlikely. This picture sums up my thoughts.

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Joe Posnanski, largely felt to be the best sports writer in America by many recently wrote this article. It really hits home since I'm sure when we were younger we all did stuff like this. Either in the basement, the living room, etc. It's such an awesome time creating game scenarios and acting them out. One thing that really stood out is when you're simulating games such as basketball you always go down by 20 points and then start climbing back. Never do you pull within 8 before losing by 12. No matter how ridiculous it is, it doesn't matter.

During my lunch with Krantz we talked a bunch about many different topics. He had a couple hilarious stories including one about staking. Looking back on it it was weird that despite making a lot more money than me we both had similar goals and neither included many poker ones. Him being 26 and myself being 25 is sort of ancient in poker years and are at the same stages. I'll be the first to say mine is on a much smaller scale and our routes through the poker world are much different. However as far as where we want to go from here, it was similar.

So where am I at in my poker career? Honestly I don't have any intentions of moving higher than 200. I'm currently back at 100 and just don't have the drive to put in the time to deal with the 400-1000 regs anymore. I'm fine making my current hourly and with the amount of studying I put in it's still enough to beat the games. That may change, but I doubt it.

Furthermore the amount of bumhunting that goes on nowadays really bugs me. Going to date myself but before PTR and before HUNL became popular most regs would play anyone. You play a session, learn from it and move on. Now it's completely different. I've been tilted before, tried to play 5/10 and the only players that would play me were the best at the level (I know, don't tilt). It can be disheartening I'm sure for the mid stakes regs to wait for an hour with no action. It's the main reason I tried to learn HUPLO but that has kicked my ass twice.

So yes, I'll continue to play and hopefully beat 100nl and eventually 200nl but that will be it for me and fortunately there's nothing wrong with that.


Determine never to be idle...It is wonderful how much may be done if we are always doing.

--Thomas Jefferson

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TecmoSuperBowl posted on March 19, 2011 at 15:56 PM


Louisville was in my final 4 :(

mcjinzo posted on March 19, 2011 at 23:49 PM


if only there were more games than no limit holdem. poker is truely dead... WAIT I JUST GOT A IDEA.

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