March 17, 2011

The Bracket of Integrity

With the NCAA tournament starting today I'm obviously going to be doing nothing but watching basketball before and after practice. I personally only fill out one bracket and deem it the bracket of integrity. I stole it form Mike and Mike. Some guys fill out multiple brackets but I prefer to make my picks and just go with that. I'm in a few different pools and have the same bracket for every single one. In March during the first weekend, everyone is an expert. Here are the typical people you'll come across if you follow it at all.

"Joey Brackets"- ESPN has a tournament expert called Joe Lunardi. He gets the nickname Joey Brackets. This nickname goes to the guy who picks all 4 number one seeds to go to the final 4 because he thinks they're the best teams. This is just no fun, part of the allure of the tournament are all the upsets, not to mention that all 4 one seeds have made the final 4 only once. My brother and I deemed this person "Joey Brackets" for no reason at all, except it felt like a good time for it.

"How can you pick them?"- This guy is captain hindsight. He rips on your cinderalla picks. Throws in a few "I can't believe you had them going to the sweet 16" after your cinderalla loses in the first round and is just typically not fun at all to watch games with. 

"No way they can lose." This person loves the top seed in the tournament generally. Last year a buddy said to me "I really don't see anyway Kansas loses." Well, his bracket was done after they lost in the second round to Northern Iowa. No team is ever unbeatable, but arguing with this person is worthless. They're convinced that their team can't lose until they actually do.

"Cinderalla man"- This guy is the complete opposite of Joey Brackets. He goes with his gut, has double digit seeds going nuts, and loves upsets. Nothing wrong with this guy and if he gets a few right he'll be in a great position to win his pool.

"First Round Hero"- After the first day everyone generally checks in with each other. There's always some dude that goes 14-2 that thinks he's the expert. Sometimes he's cocky, other times he's humble. Just remember this, it's very similar to being the chip leader at the end of the first hour.

That's all I've got, enjoy the games. Also perhaps the best part of the tourney, when it's over baseball season starts.


If you're an underdog, mentally disabled, physically disabled, if you don't fit in, if you're not as pretty as the others, you can still be a hero.
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DJ Sensei posted on March 17, 2011 at 07:30 AM


aw I thought you were filling out a bracket where the school with the most integrity wins each game...

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