February 26, 2011

Whine Time + Story Time!

My friends know me as basically a chronic complainer, I do it all the time. Although I try not to do it in poker I do it a lot in every other facet of my life. Especially baseball, I complain about every cheap hit for the other team. Every one. Well it's time for me to complain about poker. I switched to HUPLO because I thought HUNL was getting a little stale  and the lobbies are a joke. Well, that seemed like a great idea in theory until I realized how much variance is in this game. I rarely do this but decided to look at EV graph today and I'm 50 buy ins under ev, 50! This is by far the worst downer EV wise I've ever encountered. Ruthless.

I'm doing everything I can to stay calm and I almost never show emotion at the tables but the last month has been trying. Maybe I should rewatch Tommy's series again. The great news is I've always said you learn the most in a downswing and I've certainly improved. Couldn't do anything tonight since I'm sick and my doctor just put me on antibiotics today and had the session from hell just end so I just had to vent a little as it finally got to me.

Between my finance test, my PLO results, and my sickness this picture pretty much depicts the last week of mine.

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Before story time, just wanted to throw out despite being a very recreational bowling league being the anchor (last) bowler is pretty awesome. So far this year the game has been on the line twice. Once I needed a double to win the other time I needed 9 spare and both times I was able to pull through. It's fun focusing and locking in for those shots even though it means very little. Oh and we're now 30-10 since we joined the league and have vaulted from 11th to 9th place, baby steps.

OK so now for story time. This past week in bowling we were bowling a 3 man team (one person wasn't there) and two of their members joined a $3 tourney that basically meant they needed to qualify then win a few more tournaments for a chance at a $50,000 Las Vegas tournament. The two teammates were also husband and wife, we'll call them Jack and Jill. So the alleys we were assigned for our games were ridiculously easy, they had a very small amount of oil on them and I could miss by about 4 boards and the ball would still hit the pocket. They were easy for everyone, unfortunately the pin rack wasn't working and there were numerous delays in the first game.

After finishing up, they decided to move us for our second and third game. This is where Jack and Jill got very upset. They wanted 5 minutes of practice on the new lanes, the manager compromised and gave us two minutes. Pretty much enough for a shot on each lane which was fine. After one shot I could tell the line was going to be much tighter and I'd have to be more direct. Well they wren't happy with the amount of practice time, so they refused to bowl. Now at this point everyone else in the league is about to finish up with their 2nd game, we're in the first frame of our second game. 

Jack and Jill are so upset about it that they decide to go take a cigarette break. At this point everyone else has taken their first shot and we're waiting on them. When they get back in they're still not happy and the manager decides to give them 2 more minutes of practice. They only bowl during that and they're still upset saying that was enough time. At this point Jack sees a couple people he knows going outside for a smoke break so he goes outside to join them and complain some more! So once again we have to wait about 5 minutes between our second and third shot.

Finally we get going again and at the end of the second game, Jack strikes on all 3 balls in the 10th (he was open in the 9th) for a 170. He thought he should've had a 230 and the three strikes in the 10th should've counted as 90 pins. Everyone who has been around bowling for a while knows it's only 30. We politely explain to him that it's 30 but he still doesn't believe it. Goes back to the manager and says he should have 90, the manager says no it's 30. Jack isn't happy. He demands a print out and is clearly upset with everyone.

The third game goes by with very few problems and we finally got out of there. It took us 4 hours to bowl 3 games in a 4 man league. Yikes. I'll end the blog entry with a song, not really a fan of rap but heard this song on the way to the Cuse-Gtown game and enjoyed it.



"Big mouthfuls often choke." -Italian proverb  



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