February 23, 2011


Going into the test, I wasn't feeling awful. I told a buddy during my cram session that I was about 50/50 to pass it. Going into the test I think those odds improved to about 55/45 with my last minute studying. So I went into the test knowing a certain percentage of questions in the bank and what does FINRA do? Ask just about every question I'm unsure of. I didn't have a good feeling about it when I saw the questions, made worse by 2 things after I finished.

One when I hit submit "FAIL!" popped up on the screen at the top of the next page. Two, when I saw I got a 68 I went to the proctor to checkout and she's goes "congratulations, you don't have to worry about taking that again!". I then had to inform her of the bad news. I answered 92% of the evaluation of customers questions right which is basically all I'll be doing in my job and sucked on the tax questions.

One quick rant. I didn't really study contractual plans because they don't sell them anymore and there's 4 questions about them on the test. Really FINRA? Outstanding. Oh well, next time shouldn't be a problem, plan on taking it again in about a week.

On a completely different topic, something I'm going to be throwing into my adjectives is "ruthless". Little back story behind it. One on my NHL teammates got drunk, decided to play NHL, scored a sick goal, recorded it and put it on youtube. He then posted it on our message board. Here's the video. Quick disclaimer, he's actually Canadian and was doing his "guido impression".

 I've been using it constantly lately to describe both good things and bad. Then when describing something awesome you can add the second longer ruthlessss to it. One of my teammates is a high school basketball coach and he's started using it too:

"i used it today... two kids had 29 of their 33 at the half in the second half i started saying ruthless for one of them to my buddy on the bench
whenever he hit a shot"

It's outstanding, give it a shot.


Success isn't permanent, and failure isn't fatal.

- Mike Ditka

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TtheAntlers posted on February 24, 2011 at 15:05 PM


It's not a guido impression if he's not unneccessarily loud and there's no house music blaring in the background. "Ruthless" is a really guido adjective though.

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